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Beauty, Skin care Skin looks very dull when you are on period. What you can do for it

Skin looks very dull when you are on period. What you can do for it

By Glowpink Staff   

I know menstrual Cycle is the most difficult time of month for every woman. What happens, is pretty irritating. Apart from pain there are so many skin problems which a woman faces before and when your period is about to start. You may have probably noticed that your skin goes through some drastic changes whenever that time of the months rolls around, right?

dull skin during periods

During this time of month every woman should take extra care of her skin, because as you are weak this time, your skin also becomes extra sensitive and delicate and demands some extra care.

First let me tell all of you., what happen to our body before and during periods. The day before ovulation, a woman’s skin is in balance and less oily due to the high amounts of estrogen. Estrogen helps to suppress sebum (oil) production in the skin. Once the level of estrogen drops (usually one week before your period), progesterone levels increase and the oil glands become more active. Also, this increase of sebum allows for the growth of the bacterium called P. acnes—a condition that renders skin more sensitive to breakouts.

Decrease in estrogen also causes the skin to lose more water and become more prone to irritation. Estrogen is also linked to the production of collagen and elastin. Right before ovulation, when the estrogen levels are high and estrogen is creating more collagen and elastin, most women notice their skin looks its healthiest.

Take a look at these easy skin care tips which can be made use of at that time of the month.

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To keep your skin clear, you need to keep your body hydrated right through the first week of your due date. It is at this time that your skin begins to change. Water is the best medicine for your skin before and during your period.

Face packs This is that time of the month when you need to make use of the best fruit face packs. There are a lot of cooling face packs which you can use when you are on your period. Cucumber face pack is one of the best soothing masks you can try out.

Be gentle

Your skin becomes very gentle and delicate when you are on your period. Therefore, avoid harsh exfoliating ingredients when you are on your period. If you use harsh exfoliation ingredients during this time of the month, your skin will tear.

Get the glow

This is the time of the month when your skin has a dull look. There are many herbal treatments for the skin which is used to make your skin glow. A green tea herbal face mask is made for delicate and sensitive skin to get a glowing look. These are some of the ways in which you can look after your skin when you are on your period. These simple tips need to be tried out every month when you are due.

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