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Straighten Your Curly Hair At Home

By Ridhima Goenka   

Most women with curly or wavy hair have always envied the smooth, sleek and straight tresses that many models and actresses seem to have. And then there are the straight-haired girls who lust after natural wavy or curly hair. After all, there is a graceful charm about naturally curly hair that gives a stylish look.

But sometimes, curly haired women wish to tame their luscious tresses into a more practical style, or they just wish to have a makeover. Unfortunately, the fantasy of straight, flowing hair is not as easy to attain as the ads and magazines make it look. And it is not always possible for many of you to spend big bucks on trips to salons to get your curly hair straightened.

Luckily for you, you can easily straighten your curly hair at home. With the combination of right tools and products and a pinch of patience, you can do the job yourself. It may take a longer time than when salon artists do it, but this process allows you to be economical and get beautiful, sleek hair.

To help you achieve the same here’s a thorough guide to straightening your curly hair at home.

Straightening your hair at home

When you choose to straighten your hair at home, you save a huge amount of cash as time passes. As you may be aware, salon prices have been increasing at a dangerous rate and unless you’re very rich or someone powerful, a weekly hair straightening trip to your stylist is not at all possible. And this is where a possession of straighteners come in handy, especially when all you want to do is do a touch-up or just sort out a frizzy part of your hair. With the help of this guide, you will be able to fashion the perfect style for yourself without the huge costs and salon appointments.

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What tools do you need?

To achieve the best results and to tend after your hair before, during and after straightening your curly hair, there are some tools you would need.

  • High-quality hair straightener – Among the many varieties of hair straighteners available in the market, you need to select one that has a wide range of temperature settings, that has top-quality plates (ceramic plates are preferred as the evenly distribute the heat) and one that will be the right size for the length of your hair. Go for straighteners with wider plates if you have long hair and if you have short hair, opt for a slimmer plate straightener.
  • Heat protector hairspray – This product will help protect your hair from any potential hair damage. Other than that, there are many high-quality heat protecting hairsprays that yield moisture and nutrients into your hair in order to keep them healthy by enriching them.
  • Hair clips – Make sure you purchase lots of hair clips. They will make the job of separating your hair sections much easier by providing you a better alternative than leaving them loose. You can use the commonly found snap clips, but it will be great if you find the ones that hairdressers use, i.e duckbill or alligator clips. Since these clips have a hinge at one end, you will be easily able to unclip them with just one hand while you switch between your hair sections.
  • Wide-toothed comb – This will ensure that all tangles from your hair are removed before you begin to straighten them. It is always advised to comb your hair through before it completely dries as it will be easier for you to separate the sections. A wide-toothed comb is preferred as it causes the least friction as compared to other combs. This comb can also be used to spread the product evenly through your hair.
  • Setting Spray – A setting spray will help in keeping your hair straight after it is done for a longer period of time. Select a thermal protector spray that has both before and after heat-treatment properties. This saves you from purchasing two separate products.
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Straightening your hair

Before straightening your hair, it is always good if you shampoo and condition your hair. Though this isn’t always necessary, it ensures that your hair will be straightened for the maximum time in between washes since washing it makes your curls return. After washing and conditioning your hair, make sure that you completely dry your hair before you begin using the straightener.

Once your hair is absolutely dry, spray on some heat protector spray. Make sure that you don’t spray too much as otherwise, it may make your hair greasy. Spray enough so that it spread throughout your hair. You can even rake it through your hair with your hands.

Next, comb gently to remove all the tangles from your hair. Use the wide-toothed comb over a hairbrush as they won’t cause your hair to frizz up. If your hair is very tangled up or curly, start at the ends to untangle it and slowly work up the tresses.

Once your entire hair has been combed and tangles removed, the next step is to start arranging your hair into different sections. Using the hair clips, pin up the outer layers of your hair to the top of your head. You will be straightening your bottom layer of first and so, when you pin up the outer layer will not disturb you as you do it.

Not it’s the time to actually straighten your hair! You will now to work systematically in one of the orders – front to back or back to front. Choose the order you are comfortable with and stick with to avoid missing chunks of hair when you go about straightening it.

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Gather one of the sections of your hair in your fingers. Comb through it once again to remove any last minute tangles. Now, hold it a little away from the top of your head using the comb. Clasp your straightener around the hair just above the comb. Now, slide both the straightener and the comb down the hair towards the tips. Make sure that you hold that particular section of your hair pulled tight as you straighten it.

Making sure that the straightener’s temperature is set accurately, continue doing the same with the next sections of your hair. Again, comb the section of your hair through, hold it straight and tight and slide the straightener through it.

Once all the sections of your hair have been straightened, it is time for the finishing touches. Now you can style your newly straightened hair any way you want it. Once you have styled your hair, finish it off with some sprits of the setting spray.

And now you can enjoy your brand new style! To make it last longer, use dry shampoo and avoid getting your hair wet.

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