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Uncategorized Stunning engagement rings, Lady of your life will like it for sure

Stunning engagement rings, Lady of your life will like it for sure

By Glowpink Staff   

While choosing engagement ring for lady of your life, always think from her perspective, it should reflect her personal taste and style as she is going to wear this ring for rest of her life. Check below designs,m I’m sure that every lady will find hard to resist.

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It is rightly said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Who does not like to flaunt a diamond-studded gold ring, right girls? Hence it is a tedious task to find the perfect engagement ring that matches your taste. Well, we have listed down a few top-notch designs for the 21st-century women who constantly put in efforts to strike a perfect balance between work and home. Choice varies from person to person, so we have some simple and elegant designs as well as heavy and classic designs to cater to your needs:

Simple and elegant heart:

Well, less is more when it comes to elegance. If your lady love likes to keep everything simple and sober then buy her a simple diamond studded gold ring in the shape of a tiny heart. It is also a great choice for working women because it is light-weight and a sleek-stylish ring goes with every outfit and perfect for a corporate set-up as well.

Classic round sapphire and diamond engagement ring:

Classics are never out of vogue. If your beau likes to go above the board, then go ahead and buy this classic, yet elegant piece of ring. The blue sapphire surrounded by tiny diamonds in a circle has been in demand for a very long time. For all those who want to pass on the engagement ring from one generation to the other, generally, opt for a heavy design just like this one, this ring gets along with almost every traditional Indian attire.

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Platinum stud

Platinum and white-gold studs are in demand. This is a simple, chic and stylish ring that is perfect for any young bride. If your lady love keeps travelling frequently due to work then buy her this engagement ring. This design gets along with traditional and western outfits. Young girls love to create a bold style statement with this statement jewellery.

Anakin diamond ring

Anakin diamond rings are very different from the traditional engagement rings. They have a three or four dotted line structure embellished with small diamonds in the center. If your woman likes to break the stereotypes like a boss then look no further and buy her an Anakin diamond ring. It is light-weight, easy to carry and gets along well with both Indian and western attires.

Music beat diamond ring

If your beau loves music then give her a sweet surprise by gifting her a music beat diamond ring. These rings are available with and without diamonds, they are also custom made at times.

Customizable alphabetical engagement rings

As the name suggests, these rings are basically carved out of gold or platinum in the shape of an alphabet. You can get it custom-made as per your liking and it is a trendsetter in the market as of now.