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Summer Skin Care Routine

With summer comes extreme heat, prolonged exposure to the sun, drying of skin and skin damage. Even though it is not so much you can do to prevent this other than covering up the skin, you can try to repair the damage and make your skin healthy again. Here is a skin care routine that you should follow in summer to make your skin as young as it can.


How To:

Wearing makeup in the summer can be a tricky thing. It might make you look beautiful but a little bit of sweat has the ability to completely destroy the makeup. Due to the makeup, your pores get blocked with excess oil, dirt or the makeup itself. It can cause several complications like pimples and blackheads. Cleanse your skin completely before going to bed every day to make sure that you’re pores are clean before sleeping. The skin’s internal defensive mechanism will come into play at night and your skin will become smooth and soft again.

Make a slightly thick mixture of greek yogurt and honey and apply it on your face before going to bed to cleanse your pores completely after you wake up. Repeat this step two to three times a week.


How To:

Use a good quality exfoliating cream or scrub according to your skin type. Using cheap and one-cream-for-all products might make your more vulnerable to damage in the summer. Prepare a herbal skin care cream at home to go with your skin type. An exfoliator is very essential for summer. Using it regularly will prevent your pores from enlarging and would not allow the dead skin cells and other foreign particles to settle down in your skin. This makes the skin extremely healthy and imparts a unique natural glow.

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A mixture of sugar and lemon juice acts as a really good natural exfoliator for your skin. Using this cream regularly will make your skin glow radiantly as well.


How To:

Due to excess sweating and humidity, our skin gets covered with a thin layer of sweat and water vapors. This makes the skin oily as the oil secreted by the skin gets coagulated in the pores of the skin due to the presence of sweat. Toning the skin will revert this problem and removes the sweat and moisture from your skin making your skin oil free and totally clean. This will enhance your complexion and make your skin healthy even after staying under the sun for too long. Use an excellent toner present in the market or make your own one at home.

A natural homemade toner can be created by using aloe vera gel and coconut oil in equal amounts. Mix the ingredients together really well and use it on regular basis to tone your skin.

Night Cream

How To:

Standing under the sun is considered for the skin as it provides vitamin D but staying there for too long will cause the skin to discolor and achieve a tan. This will make your skin two-toned with some light areas along with some darker areas. It looks really bad in appearance and is a common occurrence in the summer. The first remedy is to not sit under the sun for too long but if you can’t help it then look for products having high SPF rating and exfoliating power which you can apply at night and go to bed. These night creams are highly beneficial and will show quick results after using just a couple of nights.

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Make a night cream using a concoction of coconut oil, lemongrass oil, olive oil and rosemary essential oil to revitalize your skin from within and make it look fresh and young.



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