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Beauty, Skin care Super easy trick to lighten dark underarms

Super easy trick to lighten dark underarms

By Glowpink Staff   

First let me telly you main cause of dark armpits and they are mainly deodorants that we generally use. It contains very harsh chemicals that might cause darkness and some allergy in your armpits. Now let me tell you some natural ways that can lighten this body part naturally


  1. Put potato slices under your armpits. it is very gentle on your skin and as effective as lemon. Just rub some thin potato slice on armpits and wash after some time
  2. Second is lemon juice but if you have sensitive skin, do not use it. For normal skin just rub some lemon juice on armpits and wash after some time
  3. Remove underarms hair by waxing. I prefer brazelian wax for armpits
  4. Lemon and brown sugar scrub – In a bowl take 2 teaspoon of granulated sugar and squeeze 1 lemon to it.Mix it properly.Apply the mixture to your underarms and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes.Once it dries completely, gently scrub your underarm for 2 minutes and then wash with luke warm water.This exfoliates your skin, lightens the texture of your arms and kills bacteria trapped in the skin of the underarms that results in darkening of your underarms.
  5. Rub armpits with aloe vera gel – Take some fresh gel from Aloevera plant.Massage the gel in circular motion for about 5 minutes and then wash off with luke warm water.It helps in removing dark patches on your underarms and helps in lightening the dark underarms.
  6. Oil massage with natural oil – Before taking bath massage warm coconut oil or almond oil daily for 10 minutes.As coconut/almond contains Vitamin E it helps in nourishing and lightening the underarms.It smoothes and promotes skin elasticity.
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You should avoid

i)Don’t shave your underarms. Shaving makes the skin tougher and darker.

ii)Avoid using hair removal creams as these creams contain harsh chemicals that can darken your skin gradually.Instead go for a sugar and lemon home-made wax to remove hair.

iii)Avoid wearing tight clothes too often ,as it can cause sweating and friction.

iv)Don’t spray deodorants directly on the skin, as it can cause rash, irritation and darkening of the skin.

v)Avoid harsh and coloured soaps that can strip your skin moisture.Clean your skin with a mild, non-drying soap that holds skin nourishing oils.

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