Grow Nails Super Fast

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make your nails grow overnight.

For this diy, you will need just 1 ingredients that is easily available in kitchen all the time and that is Garlic

Garlic is rich in selenium, a natural mineral that you can find present in multiple foods. This mineral is known to help promote nail growth.

Garlic is also a natural antioxidant that helps strengthen weak and brittle nails and keeps your nail bed healthy.

How to use Garlic for nails:

To start, peel a clove of garlic and then slice the garlic clove in half.

Thoroughly rub half of the sliced garlic clove over your fingernails, making sure to cover the entire surface of your nail bed and on your cuticles.

Do this technique every night and rinse off the stickiness in the morning. 

Alternatively, you could turn your garlic into garlic oil and use it to create a nail mask.

Garlic oil is generally less pungent than using a raw piece of garlic, making it a better-smelling alternative if you decide to do this treatment during the day and need to go out somewhere.

Garlic oil can be made easily by saute-ing chopped or minced garlic in olive oil. Afterward, strain the oil into a container of your choice and apply using a clean nail polish brush.

Others have placed minced garlic in clear nail polish and used that as an alternative treatment as well.

Massaging garlic, whether in its base and raw form or as an oil, will stimulate your blood flow and help deliver nutrients from your bloodstream to your nails.