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Health, Weight loss Sweating is not related with weight loss. It is just a myth

Sweating is not related with weight loss. It is just a myth

By Glowpink Staff   

Have you seen weight loss belt in TV commercials, that model wear a belt in tummy in tummy and in just few minutes you can see lot of sweat. They claim that sweat released by body leads to weight loss but is it true?

sweating and weight loss

Let me first explain you what is sweat, Sweat is body’s own mechanism to cool itself, it is not at all related to weight loss. When you go to gym and do workout, temperature of the body rises. To cool it down sweat is produced in the sweat glands present in our skin. Sweat is not at all related to fat. Sweat is consisted mainly of water and also electrolytes. Body fat DOES NOT melt when one sweats. When you go to gym you loses fat because of exercise not because of sweat

Same happens with this belt also, when you wear this belt. It generates heat in that area and as reaction body produces sweat but weight loss is not at all possible. There is no short cut for weight loss, you have to work hard for it

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