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Beauty Secrets Of India, 7 Ways To Use Coconut Oil To Make You More Beautiful

Here are 7 amazing ways to use coconut oil to make you more beautiful 1. Acne treatment : Step 1: Melt 1/8 th cup of coconut oil Step 2: Add few drops of tea tree oil Step 3: Fill it in lipbalm tubes using an eyedropper Step 4: Put it in Fridge Apply it directly on […]

Have this magic drink before going to bed, your skin will become younger everyday

TO prepare this magic potion you will need 4 natural ingredients as given below 1 medium-sized lemon 5 grams of cumin 15 grams of turmeric 10 grams of pomegranate flower How to make : Mashed cumin, turmeric and pomegranate relationship until smooth. Put a lot of that has been refined into a beaker containing three […]

She rubs baking soda on her face twice a week, see what happens when you do this

Baking soda is great for naturally exfoliating your skin, and it even cleans deep down into the pores. Baking soda can also balance skin’s pH levels and alleviate inflammation. Baking soda is also a topical antibiotic, so it may be able to kill the germs on your face that cause acne and blackheads. British researchers have […]

This face mask, secret of her natural rosy pink cheeks

You will not believe but shilpa shetty revealed herself secret of her glowing pinkish skin and that secret ingredient is beetroot You just need 2 ingredients for this face pack to get rosy pink cheeks: Beet root Yogurt Wash beet root very well Now peel it off Cut 1 beet root in to 4 pieces Grate […]

5 life threatening habits you should stop doing in your periods

1) Wearing pads for too long The warm, moist environment of pads tends to encourage bacterial growth and can lead to dangerous infections in the reproductive and urinary systems if you wear the same pad for too long, look on the pack for the directions of usage. 2) Sex without protection   Because there is no ovulation […]

5 natural ways to become virgin again

Medically speaking virginity is nothing but a mental state but definitely there are many ways to tighten your vaginal walls again. Here are 5 natural tips to tighten your vagina #1. Gooseberry Boil some amla in water and store this mix in a bottle. During bath apply this on your vagina everyday. This will restore […]

7 Reasons you are having irregular periods

1) Stress : Stress is one of the major causes for irregular periods. When we are stressed the amount of hormones in our body is reduced which disrupts ovulation and the menstrual cycle.If you can’t decrease stress on your own, ask for help from family, friends or your doctor. 2) Excessive exercise : Excessive exercise, for […]

5 highly effective home remedies to lighten the skin near your private areas

1) Lemon Juice :  Take some lemon juice and massage it onto the discolored area. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water 2) Yogurt : Put some yogurt on the dark areas of your pubic skin and  massage it well and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm […]

Erase dark spots completely with this easy face mask

is a very common problem, especially among the working women, here is an easy face mask that you can use to erase suntan completely. Ingredients required to make this facemask : One half teaspoon of turmeric One table spoon of honey One half teaspoon of lemon juice Mix them well in a container Directions to use […]

4 amazing beauty benefits of kasthuri manjal & directions to use it

There are probably 5 types of turmeric available in south asia and Kasthuri manjal, also called as wild turmeric is the one used in many beauty tips and products and has amazing beauty benefits and those are : 1) Real skin whitening : Kasthuri manjal is a spice that can give you real skin whitening, unlike the […]