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How To Use Turmeric (Haldi) To Treat Acne

Turmeric has been used in the preparation of beauty recipes from earlier times. It is an effective treatment against the removal of acne as it tries to cure the root cause by eliminating the harmful bacteria inside the pores. Turmeric Powder + Raw Honey Acne Treatment How To: Take one tsp of turmeric powder in […]

Why do you get chin acne and how to clear it up

Acne, pimples, or those red or white colored bumps whatever you call them can be seen anywhere on the body. But one of the most common places where they can be seen is on the face. In particular that oily t-zone which starts from the forehead and extends to from your nose to your chin. […]

Manuka Honey Benefits For Skin

Honey is a magical cure for any type of skin disorder/ ailment. You can find a lot of skin benefits from honey. Let us introduce you to on such special type of honey “Manuka Honey” in this article. Basically, Manuka honey is obtained from the honey produced by bees that pollinate the manuka bushes found […]

Vegetable glycerin uses for skin

Vegetable glycerine is an odorless, non-toxic and colorless liquid with a sweet taste and consistency of syrup. It is extracted from vegetable fats like palm oils, coconut and soy via a solvent-free method. This versatile product is 99% pure and is used in following ways Facial creams Vegetable glycerine is used in preparing facial creams […]

Acne treatment with Witch hazel

When it comes to your skin there is nothing better than going natural. Whatever you may be using for your skin-care if it is not natural then it must have certain harmful chemicals in it. And these chemicals will harm your skin. Their long-term effects cannot be ignored. And such is the treatment for acne. […]

Homemade Tea Tree Oil Face Wash To Clear Acne

Acne is the most common problem that girls face. It not just makes your skin look unhealthy and dull but also you feel less confident in public. Acne can be caused by many factors. Most common of them are pollution, UV sun rays, dirt, excess oil secretion by the sebum glands, clogged pores etc. But […]

Top 10 DIY Homemade Acne Face Masks

Acne and pimples are one of the worst skin conditions for anyone. They pop up out of nowhere, stay as long as they can and leave a horrible scar behind. No matter how much you try to prevent them from coming, let your guard down for just a single day and there they are again. They […]

DIY: Tea Tree Oil Face Scrub to Prevent Acne

Acne occurs when the pores on our skin grow larger in size without any prior notice. This causes the sebaceous glands to release more sebum oil which then gets stuck in the pores, along with dead skin cells, whole day’s pollution and other dirt and foreign particles leading to the acne occurring on his face. […]

7 Things A Toxic Partner Says in An Mentally Abusive Relationship

A relationship where both partners love each other should be simple; no one or nothing should be able to damage their relationship. Any major problems or unhealthy arguments should be tackled and fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, unlike fairy tales, we don’t all end up with a ‘knight in the shining armour.’ Not all […]

Use this powder to get clear, smooth, glowing skin all day

Step 1 -Cleansing Soak towel in hot water Cover your face with this for 1 minute Massage your face with olive oil for 1 minute and leave it for 20 minutes Wipe off your face with cotton pad Step 2 – Face mask In a bowl take 1 spoon pomegranate juice and 3 spoon curd […]