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10 amazing health and beauty benefits of Aloe vera

The incredible Aloe vera or “the miracle plant” needs little introduction. We have all seen it sometime or the other, whether in our kitchen gardens or in shampoos and facial creams enriched with aloe juice. Aloe vera or as the Egyptians called it “the plant of immortality” is a succulent plant that has thick fleshy […]

5 amazing Aloe Vera based home remedies for beauty

Aloe Vera juice is nothing less of a magic potion. It has many health and beauty benefits and has the potent to even help in fighting cancer. It can be used in various forms of beauty related products. 1.Aloe Vera and Turmeric facemask Aloe Vera is indeed a wonder plant and its gel can be […]

Simple and Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Red Spots On Skin

Red spots all over your face ruin your entire look. Doesn’t it? Don’t worry! Here we have compiled a few easy Ways To Get Rid Of Red Spots On Skin. The emerging of small red spots on the is skin is one of the most common skin problems. We almost see around 50-60% of the […]

Top 5 Home Remedies For Beauty Based on Benefits of Aloe Vera

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward and one thing that guarantees beautiful skin and hair is aloe vera. It has been used extensively since earlier times in preparing homemade recipes that will make you look radiant and healthy. Aloe Vera + Multani Mitti + Rose Water for Radiant Skin How To: Take one […]

Home Remedies For Pimple under Skin

Pimples under the skin cannot be seen from a distance but a person can easily feel it as it is painful by nature. Are you interested in learning about some home remedies made from natural ingredients that can easily solve this problem for you? Epsom Salt For Pimples Under Skin How To: Take one-fourth cup […]

How to Get Thicker Hair

Hair thinning is a condition that affects people of both sexes. Although the more frequent issue in men is pattern baldness, women nonetheless experience extreme hair loss and thinning. Thin hair can be genetically inherited. Quite often it is also a part of the natural aging process. But sometimes it is also attributed to several […]

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

With the changing times, our lives have started becoming very fast paced and this starts having an adverse effect on our overall health. One such is dark circles, which can be caused due to a lot of factors such as stress, lack of sleep, etc. If you’re the one who’s suffering from dark circles, worry not. […]

Natural Remedies for canker sore relief

A canker sore is tiny yet painful ulcers which occur mainly in the soft tissues under your tongue or lips or around the gums. They are non-contagious but interfere in the daily routine due to the ache caused. They are caused due to stress, minor injuries, hormonal changes or vitamin deficiencies.It may also be hereditary. […]

How to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are usually very stubborn and negatively impact on self-confidence. It’s mainly due to pregnancy or sudden weight gain which can be commonly seen on waist, thighs, lower backs, hips, breasts, arms, and buttocks.  Gaining more weight results in the skin overstretching which ultimately causes stretch marks. Here are a number of natural remedies […]

5 Effective Home Remedies for Pimple in the Ear

A pimple is a common skin condition that affects many people worldwide. It typically occurs on one’s face, but may also affect other areas of the skin such as the ear. A pimple in the ear can occur in the auricle as well as in the external ear canal. Some of the many reasons for […]