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How to Use Beer to Improve Your Skin

Beer for skin? If you are wondering if I got the topic wrong, don’t. I am talking about beer that can get one drunk, the alcohol beverage. It is International Beer Day this week and one ought to know the other benefits of beer apart from just being used as a beverage. Beer is filled […]

Beer face mask to get fresh glowing skin

With the use of the powerful ingredient that is beer, an instant glow is no more a dream. Most of the people are aware of beer benefits to hair, but they are not aware of the fact that mixing beer in facial recipes can do wonders on the skin as well. The results of Face […]

Beer face mask to get fresh glowing skin instantly

I know generally we don’t use beer in facial recipes, most of the time we use beer for hair only but believe me you can use it and results are very promising too. So if you have a can of beer stashed in your refrigerator, then go ahead and give these face packs a try. […]