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Natural Remedies for Beauty Based on Benefits of Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are varied and well-known. Hundreds and thousands of people all around the globe consume green tea on a regular basis for its host of benefits. The tea gains its properties from its high polyphenol content. It can be effective for a number of reasons.   The Ultimate Skin Care Solution […]

How to Prepare Cucumber Green Tea Body Spray at Home

Green tea is an amazing substance given by nature to help our body in many ways. Its antioxidants properties are super essential for the body to maintain health. However, green tea does not have a good score when it comes to taste. It is bitter and although has many benefits, not preferred by many. We […]

Green Tea For Hair: Stimulate Hair Growth Like Never Before

Green tea for hair growth? I am just as surprised. The popular weight loss tea can also boost hair growth. It is amazing how something as simple as leaves can do so many amazing stuff in the human body. Green Tea is filled with essential compounds that can reduce hair loss which in turns stimulates […]


Green Tea is the most common remedy your friend, gym trainer, anyone and everyone would suggest in order to lose weight. It burns fat and detoxes the body and helps in getting that shape you have always wanted. However, it doesn’t taste that good. So here are few simple smoothie recipes with green tea that […]


We are a country with a tropical climate and we know the sun. However, times have changed. Sun no longer gives gorgeous tan and vitamin D alone, it also affects the skin with its UV rays. One of the main skin problems that arise due to sun exposure is sunburn and not many of us […]

Japanese face mask – Secret behind young looking skin

Japanese always make me wonder, especially their women who look young all the time. We have seen multiple pictures that say ‘Guess the age’ and we have almost got it wrong all the time because they look so young at such old age. Don’t we all wish for the same? To look and feel young […]

5 Vitamin C Serum Recipes

Vitamin – C is one common household term that we use in our everyday lives to both children and adults. Be it any citrus fruit, you would have heard your moms saying “Eat it, its rich in Vitamin-C!” Is this Vitamin-C so regular that even a layman knows what is it? Let’s get to know […]

Beauty DIY : Green tea face and hair mist for glowing skin and soft hair

Now-a-day’s skin and hair problem are becoming a major issue among men and women. People are quite conscious about having perfect skin and hair but do they know the actual reason behind it? Somehow the reason behind this is the change in lifestyle, junk food, and use of chemical products, stress, pollution and many more […]

I tried green tea sugar scrub today and results are amazing

Okay so today I did something new, i tried green tea sugar scrub to exfoliate my body and I can feel smooth and radiant skin in just few minutes. I know there are many scrubs are available in market but I do not prefer them as I do  not have any control on ingredients so […]

How to prepare cucumber green tea body spray at home

We all know that Green tea is great for repairing sun-damaged skin and today I’m going to share a recipe of homemade body spray that might be a blessing on hot days! Keep it in your make-up kitty for a quick touch up in the middle of the day, these facial mists can also be […]