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Home Made Recipes for Dry Skin

Dry skin is quite a common problem. Living in a tropical country like India, one does not have breakouts and drying that much when compared to colder countries. However, pollution and lack of care cause the skin to dry and lose its nourishment. Although there are many moisturizing products on the market, they come with […]

5 face packs for dry skin

Dry skin feels and looks rough in texture. It can cause many problems like itching, irritation and redness. It is very important to keep the skin nourished in order to avoid dryness. Excessive dryness may even lead to fine lines and cracks, and if the cracks are deep then it may even bleed. Following is […]

Coconut oil for Rosacea.

Coconut oil is rich in anti-oxidants & fatty acids which are beneficial for treating the skin, moisturizing it & help get rid of rosacea too. It restores the natural water content of the skin & locks it. Your skin shall reduce on your oil secretion naturally when an external oil is applied thereby causing less […]

Tamanu oil for skin

Tamanu oil is the latest fad in makeup as of now. This amazing oil has impressive healing properties and helps in the treatment of other skin problems such as acne, scars, reduce inflammation, rosacea, stretch marks, age spots, eczema along with other treatments such as prevents cancer, speeds up the healing process, lowers pain levels, […]

Body Polishing At Home To Get Bright And Glowing Skin

Our skin becomes dull and dry due to the constant contact with the atmosphere, as today’s environment is filled with pollution and harmful gases that damage our skin to its core. But not to worry, now you can get bright and glowing skin by polishing your body at home, without spending too much! Read further […]

Oatmeal body wash to soothe and moisturize dry skin

Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition faced when the skin doesn’t get proper nourishment and moisture necessary for the body. Dry skin can be very itchy and irritating to handle. Using chemical based products like soap and body wash to keep the body clean can lead to dryness. Commercial body washes can keep the body […]

How to Use Belly Button to Cure Daily Ailments

One of the most underrated areas of our body has to be the belly button. While it was the most important and the only thing connecting us to our mother and any source of nutrition before our birth, thank you umbilical cord, it has shifted from the focal point of our body to something that […]


When it comes to skin, and especially face, related problems one can get overwhelmed by the number of ideas and responses on the internet. There are many different remedies available for the same problem. Although there are no known side effects of using homemade remedies, a person should have a pre-decided solution to every skin […]

Homemade face masks for acne

Homemade face masks for Acne Acne can be caused by many reasons few of them being pollution, the kind of diet intake, less water intake etc. Acne is caused when the pores of the skin are closed due to excessive secretion of oil. The below mentioned remedies can help not only remove acne but also […]

5 Amazing Ways To Use Potato For Skin

What comes to your mind when I say the word “Potato”. For half of us, all kind of great food comes to mind. Not half, more than that. Maybe for a very few like, given we have been called using that name a long time, you might get reminded of the famous “couch potato” name. […]