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Stop getting frizzy hair with lemon

Are you a person whose hair will pretty much look like just-got-up-from-bed-hair all the time? It’s really difficult to handle and maintain frizzy or curly hair. Most of the women yearn for straight and silky hair which gives a neat attractive look. Lemon, the evergreen magical ingredient comes to your rescue. Lemon’s great astringent and […]

Herbal Remedies To Grow Hair Fast

Hair is an emblem of feminism. Do you believe that ancient women used to cut off their hair when going to battles disguising as men? It’s no wonder that hair is a crowning glory for women. But today’s modern women are more challenging than ancient women. They undergo a lot of personal, professional and financial […]

Beauty DIY: Egg Protein Hair Treatment for Longer, Stronger Hair

Eggs are one of those ingredients which seems to have unlimited applications. It can be used to make a plethora of dishes, it is used in bodybuilding, it is an active ingredient for a lot of skin care products and it has immense benefits for our hair as well. The protein present in the eggs […]

3 Egg Shampoo Recipes – Wash Hair with Egg for Healthy Hair Growth

We commonly use eggs for many hair masks. But you can also use eggs for washing your hair in order to get healthy hair growth. Eggs are a natural way of cleansing your hair without making them too dry. Using regular shampoos can make the hair dry and damaged. Most of these shampoos also contain […]