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Coconut Oil Hair Mask Treatment

Hair care is tough, to maintain softness, shine, growth and volume is not an easy task. There are many oils, conditioners, shampoos and treatments that are available, but they come with a set of chemicals that can be super harmful along with their benefits. The side effects are too much to handle, so one should […]

Natural Yogurt Conditioner That Is Best for Hair Growth and Shine

There is a number of ways to make sure your hair is healthy. We see advertisements every day that promise us hair growth, increase hair volume, and give shine and glow to the hair. But along with these promises comes the hidden fact that they can also damage the hair more than improving it. So, […]

Beauty DIY: Egg Protein Hair Treatment for Longer, Stronger Hair

Eggs are one of those ingredients which seems to have unlimited applications. It can be used to make a plethora of dishes, it is used in bodybuilding, it is an active ingredient for a lot of skin care products and it has immense benefits for our hair as well. The protein present in the eggs […]

All Natural Beauty Tips To Look Beautiful Always

AMAZING ALL NATURAL BEAUTY TIPS   Beauty is best perceived and looked upon when it’s natural. It looks mesmerizing when your face radiates the natural glow of beauty instead of being heavily dabbed with makeup and other chemical compounds. Natural ingredients help to rejuvenate your skin and provide a natural glow to your skin and […]

Indian secret hair mask for extreme hair growth

Indian secret hair mask for extreme hair growth   Hair growth can be a tedious and a tiring process. Particularly if you desire those long fringes of hair to the waist level then it can be nightmare for most. But fret not here we have brought you few tips to grow your hair rapidly. Hair […]

The best way to use egg for hair growth

We all know eggs are full of protein and that’s why they are the best for hair growth but there is a perfect way for every thing and you should always follow this way to get correct results quickly. In this post I will tell you what is the best way to use egg for […]