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Tips to Get Straight Hair Naturally

No matter how evolved the trend become, straight hair is always desired by everyone. I mean who would not like a hair that could listen to every hairstyle they want. Straight hair means less work, more styles. As a curly hair girl, myself, I can tell you how I envy people with straight hair. But, […]

How to Get Straight Hair Without Heat

As much as everyone wants to have curly, nice hair, straight hair is still everyone’s desire. To have a hair that would listen to whatever you say and be able to do any hairstyle you wish is a nice feeling, isn’t it? But, how to get this natural straight hair? One cannot iron the hair […]

Natural Way to Get Silky and Shining Hair

Hair is easily one of the best parts of the human body that can add beauty to oneself. Having a long, shiny and silky hair is easily every girl’s dream. We spend loads on shampoos and try a new product every other day to achieve a nice hair. But in the process, we ruin our […]

Green Tea For Hair: Stimulate Hair Growth Like Never Before

Green tea for hair growth? I am just as surprised. The popular weight loss tea can also boost hair growth. It is amazing how something as simple as leaves can do so many amazing stuff in the human body. Green Tea is filled with essential compounds that can reduce hair loss which in turns stimulates […]