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6 Extremely Easy Home Remedies For Boils

A boil is a red, pus-filled infection which is caused by bacterial infection in hair follicles or oil glands. At first, the skin of the affected area turns red and a tender lump develops. But after a week or so, pus starts to collect under the skin which is why the lump turns white. These […]

How To Treat Sebaceous Cyst At Home

A sebaceous cyst is a medical condition that needs to be treated quickly. We have several homemade remedies that will help you in getting rid of it permanently. Hot Compress For Treating Sebaceous Cyst How To: Take a cotton ball or small napkin and dip it in warm water. Squeeze out the excess water and […]

How To Treat Sun Poisoning Rashes At Home With Natural Remedies

Sun poisoning rashes are actually severe sunburn that can result in blistering skin, itchiness, fatigue and red rashes. It needs to be treated immediately. We have several home remedies made from natural ingredients that will prove effective in this condition. Apple Cider Vinegar For Treating Sun Poisoning Rashes How To: Take a glass of water […]

Home Remedies For Pimple under Skin

Pimples under the skin cannot be seen from a distance but a person can easily feel it as it is painful by nature. Are you interested in learning about some home remedies made from natural ingredients that can easily solve this problem for you? Epsom Salt For Pimples Under Skin How To: Take one-fourth cup […]

How To Use Epsom Salt For Beauty

Epsom salt is a natural ingredient with beneficial properties and hence plays a major part in several homemade beauty treatments. Epsom Salt As A Skin Exfoliator How To: Take some warm water and add Epsom salt to it. Mix it once. Apply and rub this paste on your face in gentle and circular motions. Leave […]

How To Get A Splinter Out

Removing a splinter in a timely fashion is a necessity as it can cause infection and in some cases serious harm. We have some natural ingredients that can help us in our endeavors quite efficiently. Baking Soda How To: Take one tbsp of baking soda in a glass bowl and add water to make a […]

How to Make Lush Bath Bombs!

Today I will share how to make DIY Lush Copycat Bath Bombs which you can keep it for yourself or you can gift it. Ingredients you will need- 2 tablespoons of baking soda ½ tablespoon of cream of tartar 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt 1 tablespoon of cornstarch ¼ teaspoon of oil (any type is […]