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Eucalyptus for stubborn cold and cough

The common cold, flu, and other respiratory conditions happen due to a cough that keeps you awake in the night and thereby limiting your ability to easily breathe. Many people suffer from cold and cough regularly and as it is a viral disease, people catch it very easily. There are several oils which can help […]

Beauty DIY: Detox Charcoal Body Mask

Our body is constantly on move throughout the day. Dirt, germs, sunrays, fatigue are some of the reasons why it demands periodic detox sessions for rejuvenating. I know it is easy to go and sit in a parlor for it but friends the homemade DIY charcoal masks are anytime better than the chemically induced ones […]

Say No to Hair Problems with Home Made Honey Shampoo

We have been using shampoo for cleaning and maintaining the natural shine and growth of hair.  Have you ever thought of using honey as the main ingredient for making a homemade shampoo? No, then let me tell you it is simply too advantageous to ignore.  Raw Honey +Almond Oil Homemade Shampoo How To: The ratio […]

Hair treatment using castor oil for thicker hair

Hair treatment is a must for many people. Many people’s confidence is based on their hairstyle. And this is true in a greater sense as your hairstyle reflects a lot about your outer look. So, it is important that you maintain your hair properly. For hair, castor oil is considered as a boon. Whatever your […]

Removing scar using tea tree oil

Scars caused by the wounds or the acne scars do not look and may even lower your confidence level. In addition to this, scars are quite difficult to get. Considering the risks and the cost, chemical or the laser treatment should not opt. There are many home remedies and natural ways available by which you […]

How to use hydrogen peroxide for blackheads?

Blackheads are one type of acne which is caused due to the oils that get clogged in your pores and gets oxidized. Due to this, your skin becomes blackish or brownish in color. There are many so called commercial products which are available in the market to remove these blackheads. But there are many home […]

Oils for Acne Scars

Everybody in their lifetime would have got a lot of scars on various parts of their body. Especially, the scars left on your face after that irritating acne / pimple in your adolescence may steal your beauty for a lifetime. Are you one of those who tried numerous packs and masks to get rid of […]

How to use essential oils for under eye bags

Someone rightly said that one can look into a soul by looking at the eyes as they are one of the most beautiful and defining features of our face. Now imagine bags under those eyes. Yes, the confidence level of a person surely drops if he/she is suffering from this condition. It is not a […]

Best Essential Oils For Eczema

Many people across countries suffer from Eczema, an irritating inflammatory skin condition which is indicated by red skin, scaly and itchy rashes. Eczema affected skin is prone to many other infections as they are very sensitive and less immune. But recent studies have found that essential oils that can be a true cure for Eczema. […]

Essential Oils for Psoriasis of Scalp

Psoriasis of scalp is a condition where your skin becomes red, patchy and itchy, caused by over active immune system. But it can be treated at home using several essential oils. Read further, to know how the various essential oils can be used to treat psoriasis of scalp: TEA TREE OIL Add two teaspoons of […]