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Lose 10 pounds in a week

Sometimes its just so happens that there is a dress you have to wear a few days later but you can’t seem to fit inside anymore because of your weight. There are a lot of ways to reduce weight but this one week routine is quite adept in bringing a change in your body in […]

Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers

Adolescence is an important phase in our lives where our emotions are haywire. We belong to a sensitive group of people who feel and think extra. It is as if the world starts and ends with us and our problems. Teenage years are the most difficult ones as it is the time for mental and […]

Ways To Reduce Tummy After Caesarian Delivery

Motherhood is a special feeling for every woman in the universe. It is a vital yet complex phase in any woman’ life. It provides you a new strength in yourself ,something which you didn’t know you have until you had children. This beautiful phase leaves lot of physical and emotional imprints on a woman which […]