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How To Get Rid Of White Hair On Face Which Arises After Facial

It must be terrifying to sometimes see white hair on the face after a facial. Friends do not worry this is very rare and can be sorted out with help of several home remedies. Ground Turmeric + Sea Salt + Rose Water + Apple Cider Vinegar How To: Take two tbsp of sea salt in […]

How To Reduce Growth Of Unwanted Hair On Face

Unwanted hair on the face looks horrible and can be a pain. Women have been spending a lot of time, money and effort on removing them but it tends to grow again. Friends, today we will be sharing some tried and tested home remedies that have proved effective in reducing and removing unwanted hair from […]

Apply Banana Mask to Get Soft and Silky Heels

Cracked or dry heels are a cause of nightmare and embarrassment for many people.  It is caused by wrong footwear, unhealthy diet, and dehydration. Banana is a fruit enriched with natural ingredients that on application help to get soft and silky heels. Banana Mask How To: Take a ripe banana and blend it in a […]