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Apply this before going to bed to get facial like glow on your face in morning

If you apply this daily, you will never go to parlor for fairness related problems. It contains all the soothing, cooling and beauty related ingredients which will give a nice glow to your face. You must apply this daily for visible results. Ingredients you will need- 3 teaspoons of orange juice ½ teaspoon of sweet […]

With this 1 ingredient you can do complete facial at home and that also in 30 minutes

Step 1 – Cleansing Grate 1 tomato Take 1 tbsp of this tomato puree Add 1 tbsp rose water Mix it well Apply this all over your face and neck with help of cotton ball After 2 minutes wipe it off with help of cotton ball Step 2 – Scrubbing Take 1 tbsp tomato puree […]

5 steps to do Ayurvedic herbal facial at home

Ayurveda is one thing that we all believe is the best. Since ancient times people are using ayurvedic treatments for complete body care. Today in this post we are going to tell you how to do ayurvedic herbal facial at home Step1 – #Cleanse Dry skin – Use a mild soap that also contains glycerine […]

If you have oily skin, go for facials frequently

If you have oily skin and you get breakouts generally, you should do you facial session more frequently. It will help you in keeping your skin balanced.   It doesn’t mean you have to book your facial session in salon you can simply go for natural process but follow all steps one by one Cleansing […]

6 steps to do dry fruit facial for glowing skin

We all know that dry fruits are rich in nutrition but they are not just for eating, they are equally good for your skin too when applied externally. Today I will tell you how can you do dry fruit facial at home : Firstly, collect 1/4th tablespoon each of almonds, pistachios, dry raisins, cashewnuts and […]

How to do natural facial at home

1. Pull back your hair, if required apply hair band so that your hair do not come on face while doing facial 2. Clean your face with mild cleanser,to get a clean fresh face. Apply cleanser in circular motion. and rinse face with water (Always remember that water should not be too hot, water at room […]