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Best Face Masks For Oily Skin

Oily skin is a constant day-to-day worry for many women. Oily skin is basically due to the excess sebum secretion from your sebaceous glands under the skin. This gives a sticky , dull and unattractive look. Though in some cases, it is good to have as it can reduce the wrinkling and ageing caused by […]

Home Remedies to get oil free face

Do you know that your skin has natural capabilities of secreting oils to keep your skin hydrated and moisturous?This is because of sebum secretion. But few women have overactive sebaceous glands which will lead to excess oil secretion that will give a sticky and oily look on face. Many factors influence the excess sebum secretion […]

Fairness tips for oily skin

Most of the girls generally ask me – How to look fair as I have oily skin. The biggest challenge with oily skin is to get rid of dirt layer from your skin that very quickly appear on your face because of oil on your face. Try the below-mentioned beauty tips to get fair look […]