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5 Super Effective and Easy Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Getting rid of the excess weight is always harder than putting on weight. Most of the people gain weight as they eat and drink much more calories than they can burn throughout the day. But there are people who gain weight due to their underlying health condition. And if you are also amongst those who […]

Power Yoga Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

The ancient practice of yoga has gained tremendous popularity for helping to overcoming various health issues including obesity. Here are the yoga poses you can do to lose weight fast: Natarajasana How to: Stand firmly to make sure your balance and posture is correct. Hold your left ankle with your left hand. Place your right […]

How To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise

Losing weight is the most challenging task to perform, especially in this busy life where it is difficult to manage things. Losing weight is not easy, especially the fats around the tummy. Tummy fats are very stubborn, and they don’t melt easily. One needs to be very hardworking and punctual to deal with the tummy […]

Apple Cider Vinegar drink recipe to burn fat and get healthy skin

Apple Cider Vinegar drink recipe to burn fat and get healthy skin     ACV also known as Apple cider vinegar is a great ingredient for your health, skin and hair. The benefits of apple cider vinegar will really make you look at this ingredient with utter respect. Apple cider vinegar is mostly consumed in […]

Cabbage soup recipe for weight loss

Having a perfect body, perfect figure and shape is more like a trend these days. People have become more conscious and fitness freak regarding their outlook and structure. Although, staying fit is a good habit, but in order to take low-calorie food, they are also compromising with certain nutrients and protein sometimes. Weight loss can […]

10 foods to include in your diet for rapid weight loss

Obesity is very common these days and root of many serious disorders, so the best option is to get rid of extra fat from your body as soon as possible. I will not suggest you hours of exercise and strict diet plan for this purpose because I know for most of us it is not […]

Want to lose some weight quickly? Start your day with this diet

Do you want to lose some weight quickly, here is the easiest and simplest solution for this Start your day with banana and warm water (first boil water and then let it cool at room temperature) How does this diet work – Bananas stimulate digestion and fasten the metabolism. Another positive thing is that bananas is […]

Use cumin seeds for fast weight loss

You can use cumin seeds for weight loss and skin care both. today I will tell you how to use this spice for fast weight loss. For this you will need: Cumin seeds Black pepper, and Lemon Method – Soak 2 tbsp of black cumin seeds in 2 glasses of hot water overnight.The next morning […]

Top 5 foods you should eat to loose weight soon

Generally eating is related with gaining weight but it might sound counter intuitive but there are some foods you can eat to loose your weight. Here are the top 5 foods that you should eat to loose weight soon. 1. Mango: Mango is probably the most liked food in our country, be it children, women, […]