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Home remedies for beauty which make use of Fenugreek Benefits

Fenugreek, commonly known as methi has a great deal of health and beauty related benefits. They help to control diabetes and also add flavor to your taste.  Fenugreek and Yoghurt The combination of fenugreek seeds combined with Yoghurt helps to fight aging problems. They help to keep the skin healthy and glowing thus fighting against […]

Fenugreek- The Age Old Remedy For Hair Growth

Fenugreek seeds can be easily found in any Indian kitchen, they are great for hair specially for promoting hair growth. They have various vitamins and nutritions that help in growing our hair longer. Not only this, but it also helps in making our hair stronger. Also, it adds shine to our hair and makes them […]

Fenugreek Hair Spray for Smooth Shiny and Faster Hair Growth

Fenugreek seeds have numerous benefits for our health. They are a very commonly used ingredient in several Indian recipes and can be easily found in any household. This herb was first used by the Egyptians for its amazing health benefits. However, one can also use the fenugreek seeds for making a hair spray to avail […]

Homemade Hair Mask With Fenugreek Seeds To Treat Dry Damaged Frizzy Hair

In this article, I am sharing a home remedy for rough and dry hair. This remedy is very effective to get soft, shiny and silky hair. This also helps to get strong and lengthy hair along with keeping the scalp healthy. For best results use this natural remedy twice a week. Ingredients you will need- […]