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How To Use Ghee For Hair

Ghee is one of the very important ingredients of Indian Cuisine, but not many of us know that it not only makes our food taste delicious but also has the ability to make our hair strong, nourished and moisturised. Yes! When combined with certain other ingredients ghee can actually show better results than most of […]

Ghee Face Mask For Glowing And Soft Skin

Yes! Ghee can be used for face as well. It is as beneficial for our skin as it is for our health. It moisturizes the skin from deep within and nourishes our skin properly. It contains fatty acids due to which it moisturizes the dry skin and adds an extra glow to it. Not only […]

Apply Ghee on Belly Button to Soften Your Skin

A lot of us suffer excessively from dry and/or rough skin. Am I right or am I right! While there are many creams and lotions available in the market for remedy that. But unfortunately, most of them are expensive and cannot be afforded by all of us. So, we have a super cheap, super-easy solution […]