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Papaya face pack for smooth, clean and glowing face

Smooth and glowing skin is a dream of every girl out there. This dream can be converted into reality using natural ingredients. One such ingredient is papaya fruit. Papaya has been named as the ‘angel fruit’ due to its amazing properties. It is a wholesome fruit as it is rich in source of vitamins, nutrients […]

Quick Home Made Recipes To Keep Your Skin Glowing

Every human being wants a picture-perfect, healthy, fresh, and clear skin. With time the skin is exposed to harmful chemicals that result in losing some of its natural beauty. But there is nothing to worry about as we are going to share some homemade recipes that will help in achieving a glowing skin. Turmeric Powder […]

How To Use Olive Oil For Face

Olive oil is a natural product that has amazing effects on the skin. It has been successfully used in preparing homemade remedies for whitening, glowing, and beautiful skin. Today we will be sharing some methods of using olive oil for face. Extra Virgin Olive Oil How To: Take one tbsp of extra virgin olive oil […]

Natural Anti-Aging face Masks

Who does not want to age gracefully? My friends this is not an impossible task as we have several homemade recipes made from natural ingredients that help us to achieve our heart’s desire. Just go through the post and select one which is easy to make for you. Banana + Raw Honey + Yogurt Anti-Aging […]

Chamomile Face Mask For Radiant And Glowing Skin

I think everyone in this world desires a glowing and radiant skin. We all want to look beautiful and homemade remedies with chamomile as its main ingredient helps fulfil our wishes to a great extent. Chamomile + Processed Oats + Raw Honey Face Mask How To: The first step is to brew chamomile tea and […]

Home Made Face Wash to Get Smooth and Glowing Skin

Most people start their day by washing their face with a face wash. Not only does it wakes you up in the morning but it also clears your face of any dust or dirt particles that got accumulated the previous day. Although there are a number of face washes present in the market, most are […]

Aloe Vera and Green Tea Face Mask for Glowing Skin

If you are yearning for your skin to glow then you won’t have to go too far than your kitchen to make it happen. Just a little bit of aloe vera and green tea along with some other ingredients will make your skin glow naturally under the sun without using any expensive or fancy products […]

Amazing Fruit Masks To Get Beautiful Skin At Home

Fruits are packed with all required nutrients for the skin. Hence, fruit masks give you a healthy and glowing skin These natural face masks are very easy to prepare, safe, and cost-effective when compared to the other beauty products. BANANA FRUIT MASK Procedure: Take half of the banana and mash it well. To this banana […]

Cabbage face Mask For Blemish Free Glowing Skin

Homemade face packs are very common nowadays as people are more and more preferring natural ingredients to enhance their beauty. One such vegetable is cabbage that is being used to create a face mask beneficial for removing blemishes from the skin so that it looks beautiful and bright. Cabbage + Milk Face Mask How To: […]

Turmeric and Cumin Seeds face Mask to Get Smooth and Glowing Skin

Turmeric and cumin seeds are the two most used ingredients in our household for preparing food items but are you aware that they have also been used in making homemade beauty recipes since earlier times. Turmeric Powder + Cumin Seeds Powder + Yogurt Facial Mask How To: Take three tsp of turmeric powder and one […]