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How to Use potato Juice for Skin Lightening

We all want flawless and white skin and buy innumerable products to fulfill our obsession. The products available in the market are chemically induced and are costly and very harmful. Friends go for natural ingredients like potato to create a homemade recipe to lighten your skin tone. Potato Juice for Skin Lightening Face Mask How […]

Use rose water hair rinse for shiny hair

Rose water or ‘Gulab Jal’ as it is known in India is made from the production of rose oil. It is mostly used in cosmetics, food, perfumes, and some medication preparations. Besides this, rosewater is also known for maintaining the pH level and when it is used as cleanser and toner, it also helps in […]

Brighten Skin Overnight Using Lemon

A healthy and glowing skin looks attractive. Every one of us is not blessed with a flawless, smooth, clear and light complexion that makes us look beautiful. It is better to use a natural ingredient like lemon if you want to brighten your skin overnight. Lemon Juice How To: Take one lemon and cut it […]

Skin Whitening Anti-aging Rice Face Cream

  Rice is known for anti-aging and skin whitening from ancient times. So, today I will be sharing an amazing home remedy to prepare a highly effective anti-aging rice cream. This rice cream is inspired by Korean culture. It will give radiant and spotless skin within few days. It also removes dark spots, pigmentation and […]