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5 Natural DIY Recipes to Get Fair Skin at Home

Our skin may get damaged by many factors. Environmental pollution can cause discoloration. Prolonged sun exposure leads to skin pigmentation and sunburns as well. An improper diet amt also contribute to dark skin. There are several natural products which you can try to reverse this damage. Please note that these remedies will not change the […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea

A Superhero of Ingredients- Green Tea The trend of consuming green tea started from the Buddhist monks and the Japanese population. Green tea was first introduced to Japan in 850BC. The Green tea leaf is renowned for weight loss, energy boosting, detoxication etc. Apart from antioxidants, green tea also contains lots of minerals which can […]

How To Lose Belly Fat With Natural DIY Recipes

The excessive fats that get accumulated in and around the abdominal area are known as belly fat. The healthy way to lose it is by adopting DIY recipes with natural ingredients. Raw Honey + Lemon Juice Natural DIY Recipe For Losing Belly Fat How To: Take a glass of hot water and add the juice […]

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

With the changing times, our lives have started becoming very fast paced and this starts having an adverse effect on our overall health. One such is dark circles, which can be caused due to a lot of factors such as stress, lack of sleep, etc. If you’re the one who’s suffering from dark circles, worry not. […]

Green Tea Face Scrub For Smooth Dirt Free Skin

Our skin is exposed to dirt and impurities the whole day. Most of us wash and clean our face regularly. Green Tea has enough nutrients to create a great face scrub that can penetrate deep inside the pores and remove the dead cells or accumulated dirt successfully. Green Tea + Lemon Juice + Sugar Face […]

Aloe Vera and Green Tea Face Mask for Glowing Skin

If you are yearning for your skin to glow then you won’t have to go too far than your kitchen to make it happen. Just a little bit of aloe vera and green tea along with some other ingredients will make your skin glow naturally under the sun without using any expensive or fancy products […]

Tips To Get Naturally Thick And Long Eyelashes

Women generally prefer thick and long eyelashes as it looks beautiful on a face and makes our appearance more attractive. Most of us are not equipped with stunning and striking eyelashes but do not worry. There are several homemade remedies that can help us in achieving them easily with very little effort. Castor Oil + […]

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

Whiteheads generally occur on forehead, chin, and nose and make the skin appear unhealthy. They are enclosed within the pores and hence treating them is a core. Do not worry we have a magical ingredient apple cider vinegar that has turned out to be a boon in removing whiteheads. Apple Cider Vinegar + Tea Tree […]

5 Simple Tips To Reduce hair Fall

Are you suffering from hair fall? Do not worry as I will be sharing with you 5 important tips that will help you in your endeavor to reduce hair fall and encourage hair growth with homemade recipes. Neem How To: Take twelve fresh neem leaves and wash it in water to remove dirt. Take a […]

Honey And Cinnamon Drink For Weight Loss

Over Weight is a serious issue with most of us and it is up to us to accept the challenge that we are going to shed the extra kilos and become once again fit, lean and healthy. Two natural ingredients honey and cinnamon will prove a boon and help us in our endeavors. Cinnamon Stick […]