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Hair Masks For Dry And Thin Hair

We all want healthy and shiny hair that can attract people even from a distance. Some individuals are born with such hair but most of us have to work hard to gain a luscious mane. In order to deal with dry and thin hair, we must use homemade recipes and hair masks with natural ingredients. […]

Shea Butter For Hair Growth

The benefits of shea butter for skin is not unknown. However, only some people know that shea butter works wonders for your hair, too. Laden with anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter helps combat itchy scalp and infections, stimulating hair growth. So, here are a few ways you can use shea butter for hair growth. Hope it […]

Right Way To Use Henna For Hair Growth

Who doesn’t like thick and luscious hair? Although there is an array of products to help your hair grow, the chemicals in them might be harmful. Heena, on the other hand, has been an age-old go-to remedy for thick and long hair. So, here are seven ways to use heena for hair growth. Hope it […]

Blackstrap Molasses for Premature Grey Hair

Blackstrap molasses is a byproduct that is obtained during the sugar cane refining process. The sugarcane juice, when boiled the third time, is known as blackstrap molasses. This looks dark and very thick. It is known to having a concentrated amount of nutrients and is widely used for getting rid of premature grey hair. This […]

Rice Hair Mask for Fast Thick Hair Growth

Rice has been used as a beauty ingredient for several decades. Not only is this ingredient extremely easy to find, but it can also be used to achieve thick hair. For the following hair masks, you will need rice water. It can be easily prepared by boiling ½ cup of rice in 2 cups of […]