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Summer’s here and the intense urge to lighten your hair has probably peaked. Maybe you’re a natural blonde wishing to go blonder, or maybe you have dark hair and are just itching to go lighter and brighter in this warm season of summer. But the question that nags you is whether or not you’re willing […]

Beauty DIY: Cinnamon hair mask for hair growth

Hair is very important part of your body. You cannot let your hair stay damaged without it affecting you. That is why you use many types of chemicals that are available in the market. But there are alternative natural ways you can use so that there are no side effects on your hair. Cinnamon is […]

Beauty DIY: Banana hair mask for dry dull and damaged hair

Hairs are very important part of a person’s body. While good hair can boost your confidence, bad and damaged hair can easily lower your confidence. To avoid hair being damaged and dull people try various tricks and methods. But the best to go for any skin care or hair care is through natural ways. Banana […]

Beauty DIY: Miracle Overnight Hair Masks For Faster Hair Growth

Long, heavy and shiny hair is what everyone wants. But due to pollution, excessive use of chemicals and heating tools it becomes dull and thin. Now, don’t worry you too can have long and heavy hair without causing a hole in your pocket. Yes! In this article we are going to discuss various hair masks […]

How To Use Essential Oils For Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp is an uncomfortable condition where you will be always scratching your head. An itchy scalp may be caused due to dandruff, pollutants, stress, and unhealthy diet. A person who is traveling a lot always suffered from this itchy scalp because of the excess sweat. HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS All the essential oils […]

Reasons You Should Start Using Rice Water In Your Beauty Routine

Rice water is one of the cheapest and effective ingredients to enhance the beauty of your hair and skin. It has been used in Asian countries for centuries. Rice water contains several important components which play a vital role in our beauty. They are vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. HOW TO PREPARE RICE WATER Preparation of […]

Straighten Your Curly Hair At Home

Most women with curly or wavy hair have always envied the smooth, sleek and straight tresses that many models and actresses seem to have. And then there are the straight-haired girls who lust after natural wavy or curly hair. After all, there is a graceful charm about naturally curly hair that gives a stylish look. […]

Coconut And Honey Shampoo For Thinning Hair

We all love long, lustrous and healthy hair. But not all of us are fortunate enough to have the same, but fret not! Now, you can have long, shiny and strong hair by using Coconut and Honey. Yes, these two together are the best ingredients for your hair. Coconut milk makes our hair strong and […]

Use Sugar To Wash Your Hair

Our hairs play an important role in our personality and the way we look. Thus, it is very important to keep our hair shiny and frizz free all the time. We apply a lot of hair care products to make sure our hair is perfect but not all of them work perfectly. Instead of spending our […]

Fenugreek Hair Spray for Smooth Shiny and Faster Hair Growth

Fenugreek seeds have numerous benefits for our health. They are a very commonly used ingredient in several Indian recipes and can be easily found in any household. This herb was first used by the Egyptians for its amazing health benefits. However, one can also use the fenugreek seeds for making a hair spray to avail […]