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Stop hair fall in one apply and get new hair growth in 10 days – Must Try

With this amazing hair remedy, you will get natural regrowth of hair. This remedy also reduces hair fall, strengthens the hair shaft, reduces dandruff and gives healthy scalp. Ingredients you will need- 1 Onion 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel 1 teaspoon of almond oil 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil Method- Extract the juice […]

2 Steps Treatment At Home To Get rid of Dandruff & Lice At Home Without Using Chemicals

In this I will be sharing an excellent remedy to remove dandruff and lice from hair permanently. Within single wash you can see the difference, that much powerful it is. You can use this twice in a week on regular basis. Cleansing- Ingredients you will need- 2 vitamin E capsules 2 teaspoons of coconut oil […]

Natural solution to reverse grey hair at home without applying dye

You can get black hair without dye, this is a magical treatment for the adults who are very worried about their white hair problem or premature hair graying problem. This is the solution for all the color problems; you must use this once in 15 days for maintaining the color. Ingredients you will need- 2 […]

DIY golden hair growth oil

This hair oil only consists of 2 ingredients and it does wonders for your hair when it comes to length and volume. This amazing and ancient recipe is used for fast hair growth, silky and shiny hair and healthy scalp. Ingredients you will need- 5 tablespoons of sesame oil 5 drops of lemon essential oil […]

DIY shampoo to get smooth, silky and fast growing hair

This DIY shampoo may help you grow hair quickly, stop excessive hair fall and repair damaged hair from bleaching, coloring or using heat styling products. This shampoo is great for removing dandruff and itchiness from the scalp. Ingredients you will need- 1 tablespoon of  acacia concinna/shikakai powder (easily available in Amazon) 1 tablespoon of orange peel […]

DIY: Hair Rinse, How to get LONG hair SUPER FAST

How to grow hair fast? How to stop hair fall? How to prevent hair loss? These are the major questions for every woman. For this, I shared an amazing DIY hair rinse which will help your hair grow quickly, stop balding, stop excessive hair fall and repair damaged hair from bleaching, coloring or using heat […]

Intense repair hair mask for bleached hair at home !!

Bleaching your hair is the most damaging things you can do to your hair as it makes your hair dry, frizzy and unmanageable. This is the perfect DIY for repairing damaged hair! It is especially perfect for bleached, colored or heat damaged hair. This DIY will repair damaged hair and bring it back to life! […]

DIY NATURAL Homemade Conditioner for LONG SHINY HEALTHY hair

Today I will share a unique conditioner which consists of only 1 ingredient and that is enough for making your hair soft, manageable and shiny for 2 days. This also helps in increasing the volume of hair, and it reduces dandruff and scalp infections. It contains anti-inflammatory properties it helps with itching and soothes the […]

Homemade Carrot Oil To Get Rid Of Split Ends And Faster Hair Growth

  This is the unique oil which you will see on the internet. This oil is applied to both skin and hair. Yes, you can apply it simultaneously on both hair and skin. This will reduce wrinkles, fine lines and premature signs of aging if applied on the skin. And if applied to hair this […]

Magical cure to stop hair fall

If you are suffering from hair fall problem, dandruff, or hair thinning, then this article is for you. In this, I am sharing a very effective home remedy for hair loss/hair fall. Your hair fall and dandruff will reduce in first use only and new hair will start growing in just 10 days. Ingredients you […]