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Homemade Carrot Oil To Get Rid Of Split Ends And Faster Hair Growth

  This is the unique oil which you will see on the internet. This oil is applied to both skin and hair. Yes, you can apply it simultaneously on both hair and skin. This will reduce wrinkles, fine lines and premature signs of aging if applied on the skin. And if applied to hair this […]

Magical cure to stop hair fall

If you are suffering from hair fall problem, dandruff, or hair thinning, then this article is for you. In this, I am sharing a very effective home remedy for hair loss/hair fall. Your hair fall and dandruff will reduce in first use only and new hair will start growing in just 10 days. Ingredients you […]

Super-fast Natural Hair Growth Treatment at Home

Baldness doesn’t look nice on the face and people try different remedies and spend a lot by buying products from stores. So, I am sharing a very effective home remedy for baldness; hair thinning and hair fall in men/women which is very cost effective. This remedy will stop hair fall instantly and will help in […]

Turn white hair to black permanently in an all natural way!!

Homemade natural hair color will turn your white hair into black hair permanently with no chemical, no dye. I am sharing with you the method of making natural hair color/hair dye at Home. This will also help in making your scalp healthy and dandruff free. Ingredients you will need- 2 teaspoons of tea powder 1 […]

Natural hair loss treatment

Thick and strong hair is what every woman wants. So, I am sharing a home remedy to get thick and shiny hair naturally. This hair treatment will repair your hair and will make your hair stronger. It will help to arrest hair fall problem, split ends and will stimulate hair growth. Ingredients you will need- […]

Stop hair fall and get very fast hair regrowth in just a few days

Aloe vera helps in regrowth of hair and it also makes the scalp healthy. This hair mask which I am sharing today will help in thickening of hair, less hair fall and helps in getting strong hair. Repeat this procedure once in a week. Ingredients you will need- 1 cup of yogurt 3 tablespoons of Aloe […]

Apply this hair mask to keep your scalp and hair healthy

Keeping the scalp healthy is the key to get smooth, manageable and beautiful hair. I am sharing an effective home remedy which will condition and nourish your hair from deep inside. You can repeat this twice in a week. Ingredients you will need- ½ a ripe banana 1 tablespoon of yogurt 3 teaspoons of honey […]

Repair All damage hair with this easy home treatment

Avocado is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which helps in fast hair growth and repairs the scalp. So, I am sharing an easy and homemade hair mask which will condition and nourish your hair. Apply this once in 15 days for normal hair/ every week for dry hair. Ingredients you will need – 1 […]

How To Use Banana For Hair

Banana contains vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, zinc, vitamin C etc. It helps in moisturising the hair by rehydrating and rejuvenating your hair. It treats the frizzy hair by conditioning your hair and adds extra shine to your hair. It treats the hair fall and controls dandruff by controlling the excess oil production in your […]

Asian secret of long and strong hair naturally

Hair thinning and hair falling problem occurs to every person in their life cycle. So, I am sharing today a nice hair mask which will give nutrition to the hair follicles and speeds up the hair growth process. You must use this 2 times in a week. Ingredients you will need- 1 tablespoon of olive […]