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Home Remedies for Sores on the Scalp

Scalp sores are one of the most embarrassing skin conditions that may cause frequent urges to scratch the scalp due to irritation and pain in the region. These sores can be caused by contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, head lice, scalp psoriasis, ringworm in the scalp and so on. They may sometimes cause temporary hair loss. […]

How to prepare and use Amla oil at home for hair growth

Natural ingredients and remedies always work better and best than the commercial products. Indian gooseberry also popularly known as Amla is one such ingredient which is considered as the best ingredient for hair care treatment. Amla is included in Ayurvedic treatment and is used to solve scalp and hair issues. Amla contains some hair strengthening […]

Hair Masks For Dry And Thin Hair

We all want healthy and shiny hair that can attract people even from a distance. Some individuals are born with such hair but most of us have to work hard to gain a luscious mane. In order to deal with dry and thin hair, we must use homemade recipes and hair masks with natural ingredients. […]

Milk and Honey Mask for Soft, Silky & Healthy Hair

There is hair all over your body. Each has a different purpose. Nose and eye hairs filter impurities in the air. Similarly, the big chunk of hair on your head protects your skull and reduces impact when the head hits anything. However, it’s the only hair with another purpose. To make you look beautiful. And […]

Hair Detox Salt Shampoo Recipe for Healthy Hair

Salt can be added to our hair care routine using some simple ingredients and we can get plenty of benefits from this. If you are looking for a easy and inexpensive way to revive your hair and make them look clean and healthy, then you can follow one of the following remedies. Coffee and Salt […]

Honey for Gorgeous Hair

Increased exposure to sun and pollution often makes hair lifeless and dull. You can easily bring back the lost sheen by applying honey to your hair. Honey is a humectant, it attracts and retains moisture in your hair and an emollient helps to soften and smoothen. It’s also full of antioxidants and nutrients which strengthens […]

5 basic steps to get healthy and shiny hair

Everyone wants healthy hair that shines and this is not too difficult. Just take care of your hair in the right way, keep them clean and be careful while selecting products for hair. Always remember that everybody has a different type of hair and scalp, so do not go on advertisements while choosing products. Also […]

Say no to plastic combs to get healthy hair

We generally think a good shampoo and conditioner are the only things that we need for healthy hair but that’s not true. Your comb also plays a major role here. Most of us use plastic combs for hair but experts suggest that a wide-toothed wooden comb is usually much better than plastic comb if you […]