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Homemade Detox Drink to Flush Out Toxins from your Body

A refreshing beverage can invigorate your senses and improve your daily mood. However, the traditionally enjoyed beverages like coffee and tea or even soda drinks are loaded with sugar. Since they contain so much of sugar, they wreck havoc on the body’s balance. The insulin level in your blood increases rapidly due to a rise […]

How To Prepare Brightening Peel Off Mask At Home

Peel off masks is very much in-demand as it clears away dead cells, impurities, harmful bacteria, whiteheads and blackheads and makes the skin look clear, fresh and younger.  Peel off masks also brightens the skin tone to a greater extent. Coconut Oil + Lemon Juice + Egg White Peel Off Brightening Mask How To: Take […]

Complete Night Time Face Care Routine

A complete skin care regime at night time is very important as our internal organs work at a faster rate. It is the time when our body relaxes and makes sure that the natural ingredients which we have applied make our skin more healthy and radiant. Remove your make-up How To: The first step in […]

Oil Cleansing Method for All Skin Types

A healthy and glowing skin is clear of blemishes. Friends it is attainable irrespective of your skin type. Go through the following blog to know about the oil cleansing method for all skin types. Oil Cleansing Method Friends it is important to know your skin type and take the amount of oil for cleansing in […]

Rice powder With Curd To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are very common and can be easily cured with help of a homemade recipe. Curd and rice powder are available in the kitchen and have been used extensively in preparing a mixture that will rid us of blackheads. Rice Powder +Regular Plain Curd Face Pack How To: Take half cup of rice and grind […]

How To Get Rosy Pink Cheeks

Keeping our skin healthy and clean, drinking lots of water, eating a balanced diet, avoiding chemically induced packs and using natural ingredients for making homemade face packs are some of the best ways to gain rosy cheeks so that we look beautiful and healthy. Raw Honey +Cool Milk + Cucumber + Lemon Juice + Wheat […]

Do This 2 Times A Week To Brighten & Revitalize Dull Looking Skin

This effective homemade face mask will remove the dryness, dullness of your skin and will give you baby soft, healthy and glowing skin. All the ingredients in this face mask are easily available in your kitchen and it works 100% effectively. Ingredients you will need- 1 tablespoon of red lentils powder (masoor dal) 1 tablespoon […]

Surprising Benefits of Cold Shower

Most people generally prefer to bathe in warm water than cold water. Taking cold showers instead of hot showers provides surprising health benefits for our body and skin. 1. Cold shower burn fat (Increase metabolism) : When your body is exposed to cold, it requires more heat to warm you up. To heat you up, […]

Watermelon-Lemon Water

Watermelon is not only delicious but extremely healthy, as well. Most people believe that because watermelon is 92% water, they have very little nutritional value. That’s not the case. When you eat watermelon you are eating powerful antioxidants that travel through the body to neutralize free radical damage. Free radicals are organic molecules that contribute […]