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How to Get Rid of Pigmented Lips (Dark Lips)

Lips are the seductive part of the face next to eyes that can make you the queen of the room. Lipstick is the angel invented to grace our lips, but they don’t stay forever and have tons of chemicals in them. Imagine the amount of lipstick each one of us would have ate in our […]

How To Get Rid of Dark Lip Corners

The skin around our lips is very soft and sensitive. It is a little thin and gets affected quickly from pollution, sweat, stress and other environmental factors. A lot of people overlook the corners of their lip until it starts looking a little dark and tanned. Although there are a lot of cosmetic products present […]

Top Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Lips

Lemon Scrub How to: Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey. Add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar or granulated castor sugar to this mixture mix well. Once the scrub is prepared, apply it on lips and use circular motions to exfoliate the lips. Do this for 5-6 minutes. Wipe it off […]


Cinnamon, a naturally common ingredient in cooking can do more than adding spice in your food. Surprisingly, it can be used to lighten the dark lips and make it pink naturally. Little did we know that this simple ingredient can cure dark lip problem. It lightens the lips making it look baby soft and beautiful. […]


Dark lips are a serious cosmetic problem in some women. This results due to hyper pigmentation and gives an unattractive look to the overall face. Soft and pink lips not only boosts up your appearance but also makes you look healthy. Do not waste your money on those lip balms and lipsticks everyday which will […]

10 very effective home remedies for dark lips

Pigmentation on your lips and dark skin around lip area is one of the most common problem for all girls. Although you can easily hide them using lipsticks and concealer but if you go with these temporary solution for long time, it will only make your problem worse. So it’s better to take corrective action […]