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How to Use Guava Leaves to Boost Hair Growth

Guava is an easy to eat and tasty fruit. Available at almost any season, guava is a juicy fruit filled with nutrients and vitamins that can ensure great health benefits. Just like the fruit, the tree’s leaves can also aid mankind. It is filled with Vitamin B that can be used to treat hair problems. […]

Coconut Oil Hair Mask Treatment

Hair care is tough, to maintain softness, shine, growth and volume is not an easy task. There are many oils, conditioners, shampoos and treatments that are available, but they come with a set of chemicals that can be super harmful along with their benefits. The side effects are too much to handle, so one should […]

Use Salt to Purify & Add Volume to Your Hair

Did you know that sea salt can be used on the hair to make it shinier, smoother and also boost hair growth? It is a surprise to me as well. When I researched about it I got to know that sea salt is not the only salt that can help. There is someone else too. […]


Castor oil is famous for its many medicinal properties. The lesser known fact is that it can also be used for hair growth. Growing out the hair naturally is many of our dreams. We end up using a different variety of shampoos and hair products that damage the hair more than help it grow. So, […]


Mustard is famous in the kitchen, but in the hair department? That is the magic of our natural ingredients. They have so many good properties inn them that they become useful in more than few ways. Mustard acts as a natural sunscreen which protects hair from damage, it can reduce greyness and hair loss. It […]

Milk and Honey Mask for Soft, Silky & Healthy Hair

There is hair all over your body. Each has a different purpose. Nose and eye hairs filter impurities in the air. Similarly, the big chunk of hair on your head protects your skull and reduces impact when the head hits anything. However, it’s the only hair with another purpose. To make you look beautiful. And […]

Egg and Coconut oil hair mask

Egg and Coconut oil are two ingredients really famous in the treatment of hair problems and are well-known names in the hair care world as well. We know they work wonders individually, but what can they do when combined. Don’t you think they would work wonders given they do it all alone only? So, do […]

Green Tea For Hair: Stimulate Hair Growth Like Never Before

Green tea for hair growth? I am just as surprised. The popular weight loss tea can also boost hair growth. It is amazing how something as simple as leaves can do so many amazing stuff in the human body. Green Tea is filled with essential compounds that can reduce hair loss which in turns stimulates […]

Beauty DIY: Egg Protein Hair Treatment for Longer, Stronger Hair

Eggs are one of those ingredients which seems to have unlimited applications. It can be used to make a plethora of dishes, it is used in bodybuilding, it is an active ingredient for a lot of skin care products and it has immense benefits for our hair as well. The protein present in the eggs […]

Natural hair treatment at home to stop hair fall completely

This effective homemade ginger-gooseberry hair oil will cure hair fall or hair loss in just 7 days. Apart from curing hair fall, it promotes hair growth, stops premature greying of hair and cures dandruff. This hair oil is one stop solution for all the hair problems. Ingredients you will need- Ginger 3-4 inch piece Indian […]