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How to Use potato Juice for Skin Lightening

We all want flawless and white skin and buy innumerable products to fulfill our obsession. The products available in the market are chemically induced and are costly and very harmful. Friends go for natural ingredients like potato to create a homemade recipe to lighten your skin tone. Potato Juice for Skin Lightening Face Mask How […]

How To Get Glow Of Skin Back At Home

Hectic lifestyle and long hours under the sun rays make the skin look stretched, discolored and dull. At this time the skin needs pampering in terms of a good skin care regime that includes nourishing and moisturizing. Oatmeal + Plain Curd + Raw Organic Honey Face Mask For Glowing Skin How To: Take two tbsp […]

Complete Night Time Face Care Routine

A complete skin care regime at night time is very important as our internal organs work at a faster rate. It is the time when our body relaxes and makes sure that the natural ingredients which we have applied make our skin more healthy and radiant. Remove your make-up How To: The first step in […]

How To Increase Volume Of Hair

A thick mane of hair looks glorious and is something we all aspire to achieve. Friends, nowadays it is quite easy to increase the volume of your hair with help of homemade recipes and natural ingredients.  Eggs How To: The number of eggs depends on the length of your hair. Take two eggs and add […]

Magical Mask With Rice To Prevent Skin Aging

We all want to age gracefully without any visible signs on the face. It is possible to do so by following Japanese beauty secrets that involve using rice as the main ingredient in anti-aging recipes.  These homemade methods maintain the smooth and firm texture of the skin and prevent the showing of the wrinkles and […]

Apply Banana Mask to Get Soft and Silky Heels

Cracked or dry heels are a cause of nightmare and embarrassment for many people.  It is caused by wrong footwear, unhealthy diet, and dehydration. Banana is a fruit enriched with natural ingredients that on application help to get soft and silky heels. Banana Mask How To: Take a ripe banana and blend it in a […]

How To Use Tomatoes To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads appear mostly on the chin, cheeks, and foreheads. People are afraid of unwanted blackheads as they are stubborn and a little difficult to remove.  Despair not friends, we have a natural product tomato that can help us in preparing a homemade recipe that will get rid of this problem quite easily. Tomato   How […]

How To Use Onion And Garlic To Get Rid Of Dark Knees And Elbows

Most of us maintain a face care regime diligently because it is the most prominent part of our body. Imagine yourself looking beautiful and sexy in a short dress. Now, look at your knees and elbow. Are you horrified? If yes then this is the right time to go through this post. Onion + Garlic […]

Rice powder With Curd To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are very common and can be easily cured with help of a homemade recipe. Curd and rice powder are available in the kitchen and have been used extensively in preparing a mixture that will rid us of blackheads. Rice Powder +Regular Plain Curd Face Pack How To: Take half cup of rice and grind […]

How To Use Grapes To Enhance Your Beauty

A bunch of juicy grapes brings immense pleasure to our taste buds. Do you know that it has been used as an important ingredient in making a homemade recipe for enhancing beauty? This nutritious fruit is full of healthy nutrients that make our hair and skin better. Grapes Anti-Aging Mask How To: Take some grapes […]