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Dark lips are a serious cosmetic problem in some women. This results due to hyper pigmentation and gives an unattractive look to the overall face. Soft and pink lips not only boosts up your appearance but also makes you look healthy. Do not waste your money on those lip balms and lipsticks everyday which will […]

Home remedies for pink lips

Every woman wants beautiful, soft, pink lips but unfortunately not all of us have them. It is however completely possible to acquire pink lips through natural methods that don’t cost a lot. Natural method are also advisable over chemical methods because they don’t react to your skin and are safe unlike chemicals which can be […]

Try this homemade lip pack and toner for luscious pink lips

Every girl wishes to have luscious pink lips but most of us have dark lips. Generally, we don’t care about lips because it is very easy to hide their darkness behind lipstick but now no more. Your lips will again become naturally pink, they just need a little bit of care. Here are a few tips […]