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College Makeup Tutorial Using Only 4 Products.

This tutorial is about how to create this very simple makeup look using only 4 products. Now this makeup look is idle for college going girls and can be created from within two minutes so let’s get started. First I’m taking Garnier BB cream and dotting it all over my face then blending it with […]

How to Conceal Hyper Pigmentation Around Mouth Area.

This tutorial is about how to conceal that hyper pigmentation around your mouth area .Lot of girls face this problem, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. we can easily cover it up with makeup and I’m gonna show you how. To start concealing at that hyperpigmentation around the mouth you need a well clean and […]

Brown Smokey Eyes Tutorial.

This tutorial is about how to do easy and simple a soft smoky brown eyes with dewy skin. This is very timeless and very classic soft brown smokey eyes with very dewy face with a glossy lip. you can wear it for office parties, you can wear it to church party you can wear it […]

List of must have makeup items for beginners

If you have just entered to teenage and beginner to do makeup, here is the list of items that you must have in your makeup box. Kajal This is the first and must have item for every girl. Always go for a smudge proof which is long lasting. As a beginner you can try either […]

Thick or thin Eye liner, how to decide ?

Many of us can get quite confused when deciding about whether to wear a thick eyeliner or a thin eyeliner. In this topic, we are going to look at some points which will teach you how should you decide it. As a general rule, the thickness and intensity of the eyeliner should correlate with the […]