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How To Use Rice Water For Skin Whitening

Friends do you wish for a fair skin tone and if your answer is yes then you need to know that we have discovered a secret ingredient called rice water that has been used by the Japanese for skin whitening since time immemorial. Rice Water Skin Whitening Face Mask How To: Take a cup of […]

Carrot Moisturizing Facial Mask

Our lifestyle has become very strenuous and it affects our skin drastically. It has become necessary to use facial masks regularly to tone, rejuvenate and moisturize our skin.  Friends, take help of natural ingredient like a carrot to make a homemade facial mask that will work on all types of skin. Carrot + Lemon Juice […]

Honey Almond Scrub for Glowing Radiant skin

Skin is a strong taskmaster as it requires a disciplined skin care routine to maintain its glowing radiance. Honey and almond are two ingredients that are easily available in our home and are more than enough to prepare homemade scrubs that would be beneficial for our skin. Raw Honey + Almond Scrub How To: The […]