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Increase Chances of Pregnancy – 6 Ways to Boost Your Odds

Female body produces around 300 to 400 eggs during their reproductive years. An average male produces 290 million sperms a day. During intercourse, approximately 200 million sperms are ejaculated out of which only 2 million make it to the cervix. About one million of these make it to the uterus. From one million only 10,000 […]

First trimester’s pregnancy symptoms week by week

Its always better to plan well for your pregnancy. The symptoms though get noticeable not until the fourth week and continue to occur through out the first trimester. This post will try to educate you on the first semester’s pregnancy symptoms week by week. 1st Week There are no symptoms of pregnancy as one is […]

When can you test for pregnancy?

You are keen to test for pregnancy naturally when you are in TTC or Trying To Conceive stage. There are many types of tests available these days.But, the accuracy of the test results though depends on the ability of the test method adopted to measure the hCG hormone level in your body. If the test […]