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5 Surprising Face Packs For Dry Skin

Dry skin looks flaky and rough devoid of vitality and moisture. Is your skin type dry and are you looking for some home remedies that will help you to nourish your skin? If yes then the following post will prove its worth to you. Ripe Banana + Olive Oil + Raw Honey Face Pack For […]

Home Remedies To Use Henna For Hair

Do you desire healthy and beautiful hair? If yes then today I am going to share some important homemade recipes involving one of the most common ingredients called henna. Henna + Shikakai Powder + Egg + Curd for Glossy Hair How To: Take half cup each of henna and shikakai powder in a bowl and […]

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Today I am going to share some wonderful homemade recipes made from natural ingredients that will help you in getting rid of dandruff quite easily. Banana + Apple Cider Vinegar For Removing Dandruff How To: Take a ripe banana, peel and blend it in a blender. Add one cup of apple cider vinegar to it […]

Homemade Mask To Tight Loose Skin On Face And Neck

Several internal and external factors like age, exposure to direct rays of sun, chemicals, stress, pollutants and sudden weight loss are the main reasons for sagging and loose skin on face and neck. We have numerous homemade recipes that can help to treat and overcome this common problem. Plain Curd + Raw Sugar + Egg […]

Oatmeal To Naturally Remove Facial Hair In Few Days

women are afraid of facial hair and hence today we are going to address this problem via our blog. Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant that has been used in hair removal recipes since earlier times. Let me share some of them with you. Ground Oatmeal + Virgin Olive Oil + Egg Hair Removal Facial Mask […]

How To Use Yogurt For Both Hair and Skin

Are you looking for one common ingredient that will prove a boon for preparing homemade recipes for both our skin and hair? You do not have to go far just peep inside your kitchen for yogurt. It is healthy to eat as well as to use topically. Yogurt + Oats + Raw Honey Face Mask […]

Home Remedies To Deal with Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair looks very dry and damaged and hence needs continuous moisture and nourishment. For individuals, it is a daily battle to tame their frizzy hair but friends, with a bit of effort and care you can easily manage them. Egg + Almond Oil Hair Remedy How To: Take one egg, break it and pour […]

Natural Anti-Aging face Masks

Who does not want to age gracefully? My friends this is not an impossible task as we have several homemade recipes made from natural ingredients that help us to achieve our heart’s desire. Just go through the post and select one which is easy to make for you. Banana + Raw Honey + Yogurt Anti-Aging […]

How To Get Rid Of Facial Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be formed because of age, sun exposure, toxins and even dehydration. Today with help of natural ingredients and homemade recipes it is possible to get rid of facial wrinkles to a great extent. Egg White + Raw Honey + Lemon Juice Anti-Wrinkle Facial Mask How To: Take a fresh egg and separate egg […]

Banana And Cream Homemade Anti-Aging Mask

Every one of us is worried about our appearance as we all want to look and feel beautiful. Friends we have two magical ingredients banana and cream at our disposal that works wonderfully as anti-aging masks and makes our skin free from wrinkles and fine lines. Ripe Banana + Milk Cream + Organic Raw Honey […]