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DIY Natural Remedies To Use If Face Is Dry And Dull

Are you worried about the fact that your face is looking dry and dull? Everyone aspires to achieve a perfect skin that is a picture of health and beauty. Today I am going to share some DIY natural remedies that will help you in solving your problem successfully. Gram Flour + Turmeric Powder + Milk […]

3 Amazing Coconut oil remedies for skin whitening

Coconut Oil is one of nature’s best gift to mankind. It is so effective on so many levels. From giving lustrous hair to healing wounds, coconut oil has so many benefits that it makes it irresistible. But Coconut Oil for Skin Whitening ? We all know that coconut oil can add moisture and smoothness to […]

Oils for Acne Scars

Everybody in their lifetime would have got a lot of scars on various parts of their body. Especially, the scars left on your face after that irritating acne / pimple in your adolescence may steal your beauty for a lifetime. Are you one of those who tried numerous packs and masks to get rid of […]

Essential Oils you’ll want to Use this Summer

Essential oils are a concentrated solution of a plant or other source generally obtained by distilling them. It has the characteristic properties and odor of the source but is more potent than them. Essential oil has a lot of medicinal benefits and can treat a whole array of diseases and other problems. There are a lot […]