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How to get Perfect Straight Hair at Home without any Chemicals

Egg and Tea Tree Hair Mask How to: Mix 1 egg with 1 cup of curd. Add 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil. Apply this mixture onto your hair slowly. Massage the hair with every amount of mask you put. Let the hair soak in it for 30 minutes. Rinse off using plain water first. […]

Ladyfinger Conditioner for Healthy and Strong Hair

Ladyfingers also known okra are a splendid vegetable for obtaining beautiful and thick hair. Ladyfingers are a rich source of iron and vitamins as well. Ladyfingers can be prepared into a gel to add to several hair masks. Ladyfinger gel can make the hair healthy and shiny as well. Ladyfinger gel also prevents hair fall […]

Egg Bomb Hair Mask Recipe for Shiny, Bouncy Hair

Are you breaking your heads to know what is an egg bomb, just like me? It is no big secret. It is just the yolk in the egg. It is the bomb that is going to burst to give you super shiny and bouncy hair. Even with less volume, it can make the hair feel […]

Hair Masks For Dry And Thin Hair

We all want healthy and shiny hair that can attract people even from a distance. Some individuals are born with such hair but most of us have to work hard to gain a luscious mane. In order to deal with dry and thin hair, we must use homemade recipes and hair masks with natural ingredients. […]

Use rose water hair rinse for shiny hair

Rose water or ‘Gulab Jal’ as it is known in India is made from the production of rose oil. It is mostly used in cosmetics, food, perfumes, and some medication preparations. Besides this, rosewater is also known for maintaining the pH level and when it is used as cleanser and toner, it also helps in […]

Secret Ways To Get Shiny Hair

Hair is one of the significant features contributing to beauty be it any gender men or women. Good hair sure adds to your natural beauty and enhances your looks in the society. It is a silent representation of youthfulness and confidence in women. Whenever you see a person, you immediately notice their hair though you […]

How To Use Green Tea For Gorgeous Shiny and Healthy Hair

Everybody is familiar with the beneficial effects of green tea for our hair. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, probably having the most antioxidant content of any ingredient, and several vitamins that are essential for maintaining the proper health and growth of our hairs. Although there are a lot of ways in which we have […]

Secret Revealed – How To Use Fenugreek For Hair Growth And Hair Fall

Fenugreek seeds can be used as an ingredient fro hair and making the hair grow and also reducing hair fall. It has several benefits for the hair: Fenugreek seeds contain potassium and magnesium which helps in hair growth They contain anti oxidants to protect the hair from damage. They make hair shiny and lustrous They […]

Fenugreek Hair Spray for Smooth Shiny and Faster Hair Growth

Fenugreek seeds have numerous benefits for our health. They are a very commonly used ingredient in several Indian recipes and can be easily found in any household. This herb was first used by the Egyptians for its amazing health benefits. However, one can also use the fenugreek seeds for making a hair spray to avail […]

Home Remedies to Make Rough Hair Silky Straight

Many of us like the look of straight and smooth hair. Salons worldwide offer many chemical treatments to get smooth hair but these treatments can be very damaging to our hair and even our health. Many such hair straightening treatments make use of formaldehyde which can cause damage to our bodies. Your goal should be […]