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Natural Remedies to Treat Razor Bumps at Home

Razor bumps are common after effect which can be seen after shaving. Shaving is beneficial for the skin in two ways. First of all, it gets rid of the dead skin cells present on the surface. Secondly, it also helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells. However, if dirt buildup and dead skin […]

Home Remedies Effective For White Patches On Skin

White patches on the skin can be really tough to fight with. They are usually caused by a medical condition called vitiligo. If you have a lot of these white patches on your skin, you should probably visit a dermatologist. However, apart from using medicated ointments, you can also try some home remedies to get […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Neem.

Neem is the most common tree that appears in every street (mainly in villages). It provides a plethora of health and beauty benefits. The flowers, fruits, and green leaves make it beautiful and attractive. Neem is also called as Indian Lilac. There are numerous needs of the human for Neem. Out of them, ten benefits […]

Natural Home Remedies to Cure Chigger Bites

Chiggers are tiny mites which hide in tall grass and weeds and can bite humans as well. Their bite leads to great discomfort and itching as well. When a person gets a chigger bite, small red colored bumps and welts appear on the skin which itches a lot. Chiggers mostly bite on skin areas like […]

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Sunburn can be a painful condition for people with sensitive skin. Sunburn not only leads to inflammation but redness as well. The sun burnt skin may become tender and painful to the touch. Here are some remedies which will help in soothing the skin. Aloe Vera Gel How to: Take 1 cup of freshly extracted […]

Effective Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Red Dots on the Skin

There are two main causes of red dots on the face. Acne present under the skin tends to appear as red dots on the skin. Acne related red dots tend to be bumpy and sometimes painful. On the other hand, red dots caused by sun exposure sit flat on the skin like stamp marks are […]

Natural Remedies Effective for Blackhead Removal at Home

Blackheads are formed when the pores get clogged due to the deposition of dirt. They can also lead to enlarged pores. Here are some natural remedies to get rid of them. Lemon Juice How to: Take 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Dip the cotton ball in the lemon juice. Apply to the affected areas. Let […]

Top 5 Natural Remedies For Beauty Suggested by Famous Beautiful Women

Ever wondered how famous women achieve flawless skin and beautiful long hair? The obvious answer would be expensive cosmetics and products. However, what these women really swear by are natural home remedies for beautiful skin, hair, and shape. The perfect look is easy to get with only a few lifestyle changes and a few inexpensive […]

How to use Honey to get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are a common skin issue. Not many people know that blackheads and whiteheads are also a form of acne although milder in nature. Blackheads are easily removable. The main cause of blackheads is dirt and excess oil. The dirt can clog the pores. Excess oil and sebum present on the skin tend to get […]

How to Get Rid of Bug Bites

Bug bites can lead to inflammation and itching. They could also turn into tiny blisters which appear red in color. But there are home remedies which can help in soothing the skin and getting rid of itching as well. Tea Tree Oil How to: Take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Use pure coconut oil. Add […]