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Beauty DIY: 2 Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

I’m sure you might have watched dozens of toothpaste ad commercials. From the ones asking you about the salt content in your paste to the ones that boast of the refreshing feel, actually using fluoride content as one of the most important ingredients. Well, no matter how good the commercial is or how healthy the […]

Use Baking Soda To Whiten Teeth at Home Instantly !!

This teeth whitening remedy is brilliant for making your teeth white and gums healthy. It also helps maintain healthy oral care and treats bad breath. yellow teeth can be a disadvantage to your appearance and chemical can be harmful to your to your teeth for regular use so here I am sharing a home remedy […]

Recipe for homemade toothpaste

Have you ever heard about homemade toothpaste, most of us will say No, but let me tell you it will just take 5 minutes for you to prepare homemade toothpaste and it is the best for our teeth and gums as it will protect you against harmful. On the other hand, you can also save a lot […]

Home remedies to get rid of blackheads

Blackheads are blocked pores and they appear dark spots that appear on the skin (generally they are on nose and chin). These blocked pores are filled with skin debris or keratin and sebum, an oily substance. You can also consider blackheads are 1st stage acne before bacteria enters into pores, so to treat them you […]

Tips to brush your teeth, the right way

Oral health is the most important to avoid cavities and gum disease and for this, we have to brush our teeth in the correct way but most of us do not follow this, as many are not even aware what the proper brushing technique and procedure is. That is why we have created this post […]