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DIY Yogurt and Black Pepper Mask/Scrub to Get Clean, Smooth and Clear Skin

It is super tough to maintain your skin. If one thing is achieved, others may not. But what if I told you we can get more than just one remedy from just two ingredients. That’s right, clean, smooth and clear skin can all be achieved with just Black Pepper and Yoghurt. Two simple ingredients from […]

3 Amazing Coconut oil remedies for skin whitening

Coconut Oil is one of nature’s best gift to mankind. It is so effective on so many levels. From giving lustrous hair to healing wounds, coconut oil has so many benefits that it makes it irresistible. But Coconut Oil for Skin Whitening ? We all know that coconut oil can add moisture and smoothness to […]

How to use turmeric to cure pimples

Turmeric is a magic root that has been passed down generations & recommended for overall well-being since infinity. It is used in our traditional Indian food, in our new-age cosmetics & all around us. But sometimes, simple kitchen turmeric without modification can come handy while dealing with skin problems. Turmeric is a root like ginger […]

Beauty DIY: Turmeric Mask For Clear, Bright And Acne Free Skin

Go to a supermarket and you’ll get tens of hundreds of beauty products claiming to give you a healthy skin in no time. The instant results are one of the major reasons why they are being in demand for more than a century. The thing is that they may provide you instant results but they […]

Skin lightening facial at home

Everyone wants what is best for them. Some just want it, while others need it. Wanting is just a desire upon which one may work or not. But need becomes necessity and one works hard for it. For some of us, having a good, light and healthy skin might be a want. We apply a […]

Turmeric Mask for Bright and Acne Free Skin

Turmeric has long been used to improve the skin tone and brighten up the skin of grooms and brides before their marriage. It is a sure homemade recipe which is still widely used. Although the beauty effects of turmeric are widely known, not everyone knows what other wonders turmeric can do. Turmeric is used by […]

Turmeric Facial Mask for Skin Whitening

I get lot of queries for skin whitening, so today this article is about that only. This face pack is for all skin types: For this you need: Turmeric Besan Fresh cream (If you do not cream you can use raw milk) Directions: Mix 1 tsp of turmeric ,1 tsp of besan powder and  fresh […]