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Turmeric is a timeless medicine for acne and acne spot treatment. Sesame, mostly used as oil contains inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can reduce acne and also help in many other skin problems. Let us see how to use both ingredients in acne spot treatment. Treatment #1 with Honey Recipe Take a bowl and add […]

Ayurvedic Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Everyone wants a glowing skin. It doesn’t matter if we are brown, black or white, the skin would look beautiful in any colour if it has the glow and radiance. This glow can be achieved using many ways. With our lives going super-fast in this modern world, we do not always have time to take […]

4 Easy DIY Almond Face Packs and Face Masks for A Glowing Face

Almonds for getting a glowing face? Who knew. Definitely not me. Days of research finally had me in awe when I realised how much almond can do. There is constant confusion that almond is a nut. But surprisingly, when I was doing this research I found out that Almond is actually a seed. The outer […]

5 Amazing Besan Face Packs for Skin Whitening

Besan is part of the flour family, originating from a gram commonly known as Bengal Gram. This Bengal Gram originates from Chickpea. Many of us are really familiar with this gram as it is one of the most important ingredients of the kitchen as it is highly used in Indian Dishes. From tasty North Indian […]

How to use Beetroot to get Glowing Skin – Quick and Easy Ways

Beetroot is one of those vegetables that your mother always wanted you to eat. It is filled with vitamins and minerals. It can increase your haemoglobin levels which is major when it comes to a leading a healthy life. Making it a part of your diet is highly essential. Not just diet though. Making it […]

5 Quick and Instant Ways to Get Fair and Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to be beautiful, no doubt in that. We would love it if any dress we wear or any style we adorn looked pretty on us. Although we must be comfortable in our own skin and try not to worry about colour, it is a known fact that everyone at some point in life […]

6 My favorite turmeric face packs that everyone should try

We all are aware of antiseptic properties of turmeric. It has been used by most of the women, so today this post is dedicated to this awesome ingredient. I will tell you about my favorite 6 face packs that you can easily prepare with turmeric CREAM, GRAM FLOUR, AND TURMERIC Mix thoroughly a pinch or […]