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Things to know about bleeding during pregnancy

Any kind and volume of bleeding during pregnancy can mentally disturb the expecting mother. Though its a common thing in pregnancy, knowing what is normal and what isn’t can be helpful in serious cases where a doctor is needed. There are different causes for bleeding in all three trimesters. However, in this post we shall […]

Spotting during pregnancy

It’s disturbingly troublesome when a pregnant woman sees blood. But by no way it means that bleeding is a sign that something’s wrong. In the first three months of pregnancy around one in five pregnant women complain of spotting. Spotting is less likely to occur after that. Still if it does, it’s not necessarily a cause […]

Busting the myth – Periods in pregnancy

There are many reasons why a woman might have bleeding which resembles a period in pregnancy. Bleeding that occurs during pregnancy is not, however, from having a period. Any time when a pregnant woman has bleeding it should be discussed this with the doctor.This is the most common cause of anxiety in especially first timers […]