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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Are you worried about the dark circles under your eyes? Well, we have several home remedies prepared from natural ingredients that will prove to be a boon for you. Cucumber For Dark Circles How To: Take a fresh cucumber, peel, wash and grate it. Take a muslin cloth and strain it to extract its juice. […]

How To Use Tomato As Natural Cleanser

Every one of us has eaten a tomato as part of our diet but are you aware that it is an important ingredient in preparing natural cleansers. It is enriched with several good nutrients that eliminate a number of skin problems. Tomato + Baking Soda Natural Cleanser How To: Take one small ripe tomato, wash […]

Home Remedies To Get Super Soft Hair

My hair is super soft and silky. One can effortlessly run his/her fingers through it. Do you know the reason? I have diligently followed the homemade hair care regime that my grandmother had set up for me since my early teenage years. Amla Powder + Plain Curd How To: Take one cup of plain curd […]

Carrot And Potato Anti Aging Face Pack

Tired of seeing wrinkles and age marks on your skin before its time? People start using anti-aging products which are easily available in the market. No Need for such harmful products as we have special homemade recipes made with help of natural ingredients like carrot and potato that will prove highly beneficial for you. Potato […]

How To Prepare Brightening Peel Off Mask At Home

Peel off masks is very much in-demand as it clears away dead cells, impurities, harmful bacteria, whiteheads and blackheads and makes the skin look clear, fresh and younger.  Peel off masks also brightens the skin tone to a greater extent. Coconut Oil + Lemon Juice + Egg White Peel Off Brightening Mask How To: Take […]

How To Reduce Growth Of Unwanted Hair On Face

Unwanted hair on the face looks horrible and can be a pain. Women have been spending a lot of time, money and effort on removing them but it tends to grow again. Friends, today we will be sharing some tried and tested home remedies that have proved effective in reducing and removing unwanted hair from […]

Olive Oil Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Dry hair looks hard and brittle and is caused by humidity, heat styling, sun exposure, smoking, and dehydration. Olive oil is carrier oil and is enriched with natural properties that can offer a good remedy for this problem. Virgin Olive Oil + Raw Honey Hair Mask How To: Take three tbsp of virgin olive oil […]

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Scars on Face

Scars on the face can make an individual self-conscious as it affects the appearance a great deal. Do not despair most of the scars can be easily treated via homemade remedies. Aloe Vera How To: Take a stick of aloe vera and after peeling it off squeeze out its juice. Now apply it on the […]

How to put stop on Hair Fall with Garlic

Hair fall is a universal problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Garlic has been known to be a wonderful ingredient that in itself is equipped with sufficient nutrients to stop hair fall and start hair growth. Garlic + Honey How To: The ratio for using garlic juice and honey is 1:1 […]

Brighten Skin Overnight Using Lemon

A healthy and glowing skin looks attractive. Every one of us is not blessed with a flawless, smooth, clear and light complexion that makes us look beautiful. It is better to use a natural ingredient like lemon if you want to brighten your skin overnight. Lemon Juice How To: Take one lemon and cut it […]